Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Big changes are a comin'!

So.. save me replying to each email and message, i thought i would give you a run down here.

Yes, ive been missing in action lately. Id like to say 'Oh ive just been so flat chat with custom orders and sewing, ive just not.....' .. but its nothing like that.

About 6 months ago, I lost my passion. I lost inspiration from fabric and spent more time scouring facebook pages for that light that would get me going again, then sitting down spending hours sketching my own designs like i always had done.

I thought about 2-3 months ago, i had found my sew-jo again. After a strong Easter pumping out these gorgeous little hoppers, i thought id found that spark.
But it soon faded.
I pushed it and pushed it, spending hours in spotlight rubbing up against fabrics and sipping coffee while flicking through pattern books.
Leaving with a bundle of material, only to return home and have it still sitting in a bag a week later.

I enjoyed blogging about life, and love and people. More then sewing.

I loved photographing my stock.. More then sewing it.

About a year ago i considered a change. But timing was far from right. I had just been blessed with a gorgeous little boy, a sibling for my 2 children. So, i knew then and there. It had to go on hold.
And i was fine with that. Surprisingly, as i am far from a patient person..

October last year i had the first official taste of what i had been wanting to do.
And i was in my element.
Beaming for days. And then i knew that was it.
The love for sewing would soon wear thin.

But it was an income, So as i worked on my passion behind the scenes, i kept at sewing, to pay the bills.

I worked had at learning and taking advice off people i looked up to.
How to make my new business work around such a young and mother-needing family. How to make sure i was doing it for all the right reasons.
I knew exactly why i was doing it.. I just didnt know how i was going to make it work.

So i eased my way in to it.
Slowly, in my own time and with so much excitement it was like it was my first ever job.

I reached a point about 2 weeks ago when i knew, now was my time. I had my game plan, i had structure, i had my support network and so i did it.

I realised around that time there were quiet a few other friends and business' also giving a sea change a try as well.
The nerves set in.
I questioned my self.. but unlike every other time, i stood proud.
And knew i my new path, was although alike others, yet different in so many ways.
And the smile came back.

I think when you run your own hobby/business/market/life you always have doubts, worries, nerves.. and i am ok with that now.

I have set myself goals, rules and bars.

I am ok with where i am right now, I am thankful for amazing advice and words from friends and family.
The balent honesty that has given me a huge lift, and has made me so much of a better person. And i can only hope i can give as much back as they have to me.

Now, i know your either wracking your brain as to what i will pick up, now that the sewing machine has been put down.

I am literally 1 week off being able to share. But i could not bear to let the emails, comments and messages just sit there waiting. Im not rude.. xx

I appreciate every single soul who have followed my journey from Punk Princess to Buttons Dior and Organised chaos.. Even though BD will be on hold, I could never give up this blog. (That answers about 15 of the

This is where i yell, scream, vent, cry, abuse, share and laugh. And i am overwhelmed at the amazing support you guys give.

And, that's about all i have for you right now!

Ill pop my head in now and again, but full focus is the new business.. And if you know what it is.. Shhhhhhhh.. xx

x N