Saturday, May 8, 2010

Close your eyes and follow me...

Were 4.9's exact words at our Mothers Day morning tea..

Mind you i was holding Baby .1 and pushing a mighty big pram.. So he took charge of the pram and i followed him in to his class room turned restaurant.

We were spoilt rotten! Anzac bickies made with wishes.. Pickets with many different jams, Tea, Coffee and hand made pressies galore!

The kids did a rehearsed dance for us then gave all us mummies a wonderful massage. You couldn't wipe the smile off my face if you tried!

He took my order and went and fetched me 3 biscuts and 4 pickets.. while all the other mums had one of each.. What? Breast feeding is hard work! Hahaa.. I think he actually piled the plate up so he could demolish it all! Then asked if i would like Tea or Coffee.. with sugar or without and milk or black. Now how grown up is that!!

I just had to share some photos (Mind you there on a camera phone as my lovely parents have taken my camera to Sydney..) ..He put so much effort in to making me feel special, and to me thats definatly BLOG worthy!

x N

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