Sunday, October 16, 2011

10 things you didnt know about me..

Well, Thats a lie. You will probably at some point have seen at least one of these 10 things.

But thanks to Ilja from em&femee designs im going to ramble the first 10 things that pop in to my head..

1- I can not stand the ocean! And anything to do with the ocean. I hate not knowing what is under the murky water. I go in to full blown panic mode when wearing goggles at the beach, refuse to touch the sand below me And have a rediculous fear of boats.

2- I can easily eat a block of chocolate, to myself, in one sitting. More then once a week.

3- I collect books, yet i am dyslexic and can not for the life of me read them. I read angel and orical cards extremely well, but struggle to read a whole book on them.

4- I left school at the end of grade 10.
Only because my full time job didn't start until a week after school ended. My heart left school about a year before then and therefore i cant spell or count properly. If i didn't have google chrome fixing my spelling errors i doubt you would know what i was saying. And when put on the spot i don't know what $11.50 - $3.40 is.

5- My mum and i have Gastric banding and since then 11 of my friends have had the procedure done through my surgeon with 2 friends lined up in the next few weeks. I lost 70kg in just over a year.

6- I am currently in a rutt. I dont know where i want to take life. I wish there were a simple answer on how i could easily combine all my loves and passions with raising a family and earning a living. But right now i think there is only one answer. And i dont think im strong enough to voice what it is.

7- I miss blogging. I miss being raw and open. Telling it how it is and caring, but not caring. I miss the connection it gave me to the out side world.

8- I am terrible with following through with medication. I never finish a script, never take my tablets at the right time, and can sit there and stare at them knowing i HAVE to take them. Yet turn my back and walk away.

9- I cant say no. Its just not something i am good at. Need baby sitting, Ill say yes. Money, yes. Food, yep no worries. Someone to chat to, a coffee buddy, a human punching bag.. Sure, im here. I run myself to the ground.. But still if i see someone doing it tough, Im the first to do something.. anything, to change that.

10- About 8 weeks ago my husband and i separated. Im not one to air my dirty laundry over facestalk, so i kept to myself. I even closed down my private facebook profile and started again with only family and some close friends.
Probably one of the few times i should have called on others for advice, help and a shoulder. But with the recent launch of Birthography i felt it needed to be kept low key. We are on good terms, The kids are doing well. Mentally im a mess.. as is he. (Hi, i know your reading.. *smiles* ) But for now, it has to be this way. Neither of us know what the future holds, but i would love to chat (Privately) to others who are going though, or have been through a separation. Just to get an idea on your routine, budget..ect

So, 9 things you probably knew about me and one whopper that blew you right out of the ball park!

Five Little Reasons - Cou Cou - Soapy Kids - Tea&sugar collections I know alot about you.. but tell me 10 things i dont know.

x N


  1. Thanks for sharing! (ps--I am no longer on FB, so you can keep up with my blog if you're interested)! xx

  2. Nic, thank you so much for taking me up on it, and for being so honest & open. You warm my heart, and I wish amazing things for you. xx Ilja