Sunday, November 27, 2011

Step Two.

Well i feel as thought step one of over coming my social fear has been a success! Ive been spending much more time with real life friends, inviting them over for late night chats, doing dinners, spending days rummaging through thrifties. Now im on to step 2 of finding a happy medium with keeping in touch with my distant friends and facebookers.

Birthography is going extreamly well and i am in such a good place with it all right now. Unlike when i was sewing and creating i rarely had contact with anyone. I would make the effort to attend markets and functions but timing was hard.

Now i have days full of clients in my home (bringing scrumpious Krispy kreams!) And lazy afternoons in the middle of no where capturing families in total love. I couldnt imagine living it any differently.

But when the day is done, and im sitting on the couch reliving the moment, 99% of the time.. like now.. im shoveling chocolate down my gob chasing it with a bottle of coke.. or 2.

Back in the day, when i first got the internet and was researching gastric banding, an out let for me and something i am SO glad i did, was note my journey. Not only in words but photos. I began in November '06 until i lost internet access a couple of years later. I had over 30,000 followers from all over the world. It was amazing. I would chat until all hours about recipes, hints and tips on how to get over that weight plateau, and clothes swapping. I miss that connection with others. Not just on weight loss, but all aspects of life.

So today i begin again, Self motivation ill call it! Blogging my new life.

I would love for those who have had some life changes, over come hurdles, struggling with weight, who have had the band or looking at the procedure to join me as step 2 begins.

x N

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