Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Everyone has a first..

And today was my Nana first.

First time having her photo taken with Santa.

Nan said back in her day they never had people dress up as Santa and as the kids grew older most years they couldn't afford to pay a photographer, or person with a camera as she called them to take a Christmas themed photo.

Nan turned 77 this year and today, with the help of some friendly ladies had her first photo with Father Christmas.

Nan is disabled , her body isn't very well and we have almost lost her many times.
2am phone calls requesting us to come and say our goodbyes, bed side tears before major surgeries, but shes still here clinging on bossing us around each and every day.

After 2 major strokes Nan has only the use of her left arm and leg (and her voice!) so we couldn't make it up to the platform Santa had been placed on, so they moved it all to the side, squished us in and captured 4 generations.

A photo that we will hold close to us for a very long time.

*Excuse the dodgy scanned copy*

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