Friday, December 16, 2011

Three years ago...

I believe a photo tells a thousand words. That is why i have so many memories caught on camera. Especially when it comes to my children.

In the very early morning of December 17th 2008, im talking 2 -3am i had woken with terrible stomach pains. The night before i has demolished 3/4 of an over flowing container of self serve Chinese and 6 - yes Six krispy kream donuts while watching a moving episode of Greys anatomy. All by my lonesome while my son was at his usual sleep over at his granny's.

Back to 2 am.. stomach knotting gut wrenching pains.
Food poisoning. Great!

I crawled to the kitchen and downed a couple of panadol. Panadene forte i was soon to realize and climbed back in to bed.

When i finally awoke it was a sunny morning and around 6am. My stomach was tender.. but i had been partially sleeping on the toilet for a couple of hours, and didnt expect much less.

So i nodded back off. At 6.30am the niggly pain started again and as i layed there wondering whether to race back to the loo or let it pass, i realized id not felt a movement from my little bun since about 2am.

I hopped out of bed with thoughts of food poisoning my baby! And phoned the mid wife. She suggested coming in to have a check.

I phoned hubby who had stayed the night at his friends and after a quick call to mum, we all headed in.

We arrived around 7.30am and i explained what i had chowed down on the night before. It had either kick started labour.. or what i thought.. Food poisoning.

We sat around a while, me feeling like i was going to be sick, but i had realized what i thought was 'gut wrenching pains' could have quiet possibly been contractions?

At 8am the mid wife came in to do an internal. I was awfully uncomfortable but no where near the pain i felt with my first son, which was well and truly labour pains.

She proceeded with her internal questioning what kind of pain i was feeling.

I told her that i had been 'on the loo' for a couple of hours last night after my feast and that i was a little tender, so be gentle.

The the flood gates opened. My waters broke.. It felt as though she had inserted her hand right up there *Sorry dad* and was pulling my baby straight out..

We were told at 12 weeks, 18 weeks (Paid gender scan) 23 weeks and 29 weeks that we were expecting a boy.

4 pushes and 8 minutes later we were greeted with our surprise baby girl.

Addison-Dior Ada Elizabeth Finney
10lbz 1oz

3 years on and your still as fast as you entered the world, your not as chubby, but your defiantly still as cute.


Happy sweet 3rd birthday my dimpled angel 


  1. What a precious surprise, a little girl, happy birthday

  2. So beautiful! She reminds me of my 10lb 4oz'er lol! She is gorgeous!