Sunday, April 4, 2010

Today feels a little ..Eary!

So its Monday the 5th of April. 8 days until my due date and for some reason, it just feels odd.

We have a system with my family that hasn't skipped a beat in nearly 5 years. Unless someone is sick with something contagious my amazing parents take Miss .14 every Monday for the night and Master 4.9 every Tuesday for the night, as well as pick them up from school and day care and take them both to swimming lessons. They have done since 4.9 was 6 weeks old and .14 was 9 weeks old. We live about 5 minutes away from each other and it has always given me the quality one on one time needed for both kids. And it wont change when the next one comes along.

Although the starting time on when mum has #3 over night may be longer as I'm determined to breast feed. Mum has allowed me to have 6 children, she just wants 'One' night to her self to wash all the sheet.. Haha

(Even tho she has said by the time i get to #6, Master 4.5 probably wont want to stay any more which will then leave his night free for another.. Yes.. My mum adores my kids!)

She has everything the kids need at her house, Cot, bed, clothes, formula, bottle, bikes, toys.. everything!

Back to the 'eary-ness' .. Tonight could possibly be my LAST night in a long long time i get to have just Mr 4.9 (And Mr 25) in the house. Our last night of being able to hang out, watch home and away while laying in bed, and fall asleep together.. with no other children in the house. And the same with Miss .14 tomorrow night.

I also haven't been able to stop eating ALL day and i think it might be my body storing a good supply of foods. Ive had crackers and cheese and sandwiches and fruit, (Wizz Fizz..).. And for dinner last night i put so many veggies on my plate i didn't think i could possibly finish it! But i did!
(Even after miss .14 planted her food right in the middle, then splashed her hand all over it!.. Go on Mr 25.. Laugh out loud.. i can see you giggling..Grrr)

Its 1.45pm and all i can think about is dinner and passion fruit sorbet for desert! GAH!

Wednesday mid-morning Ive got to see the doctor to talk possible further induction.. He was so confident the Stretch and Sweep (Strip and Stretch) would work and i would be in that night having a baby.. 6 days later, bubby is still chillaxing!

I met with the female nurse last night in the maternity ward who did a speculum as alot of my plug has fallen away, which also never happened with the last 2 pregnancies. She did an internal to see if my waters were still in tact. Which they were but could see i have lost 90% of the mucus covering my bag of waters, and the head was well and truly 'down there' ! It all seems so so interesting! I was very tempted to ask if the could swing the mirror at the end of the bed open so i could have a look!
I probably would have passed out though!

Over night i felt No pains, Now tightenings, Nothing. Just the constant urge to pee!

I asked her what she thought they would look at doing on Wednesday and she explained because I'm approx 2-3cm possibly more, they would just break my waters and put me on a 'Drip' .. Now i don't know whats in this 'Drip' but i don't think its good, as she didn't want to go in to detail, and I'm way to scared to "google" it..
If anyone knows.. feel free to tell me.

Now, I do have a good feeling about the 7th tho, which will be Wednesday. So hopefully.. Tuesday night BEFORE induction, things get started and i wont even need to go to my appointment!

The number 7 means alot to mum and i - She is the 25th- 2+5=7 , I'm the 16th- 1+6 = 7 , Master 4.9 was born the 27th, Miss .14 was born the 17th.. So all i need is a 7 bub!
(Just a little piece of useless information for you all!)

Now, I know honestly my body i just not ready. I have both previous babies a day before there due date, Spontaneous, natural, no intervention, very straight forward and fast births. So as far as i can tell, my body is wanting to do that again. But it doesn't understand the circumstances are different this time. My insides aren't coping. My iron is draining day by day and I'm getting weaker and weaker and when the doctor See's I'm still carring this bub hes not going to be happy.

I lost a fair bit of blood with Miss .14 as she was a big bub (Over 10lbs) and with labour being so fast i did score a 2nd degree tear. They said if i lose half the blood i did with her, ill need a transfusion. So Wednesday (if i make it) , we will know whats happening!

Ok, enough rambleing.. im off... i have a list of things to do.. I'm very much still in nesting mode and HAVE to get things done before I'm out of action.

So i better get to it, and hope this odd feeling wears off.

x N


  1. "drip" = oxytocin + anti-biotics for the b strep

  2. Nic I had the drip too, it was to speed up the contractions asmy waters had broken hours earlier and my contractions weren't strong enough for their liking. It was just means you will be confined to the bed, which for me didn't matter anyway as I had an epi. Good luck, if you have to be induced don't worry it's not all bad, better for your body with your iron etc

  3. I had drip also, just sped up the contractions to get labour going quicker, wasnt so bad at all, i am pretty sure i was still able to move around also it will have your antibiotics for the strep!