Tuesday, July 5, 2011


On Monday i had the sweet Jess (and her mama) from Winnifreds Daughter over delivering Master 6's birthday present he had bought off her with his birthday money.
We also sat and disgust Master 1's christmas custom order. (Honestly, i highly doubt im going to be able to wait untill christmas to gift it to him..)

For a while now i have always wanted to ask her where she got her inspiration from when creating these unique creatures.. Jess not only uses facebook as a base to showcase her creations, but also uses etsy.com , Im not a big follower of etsy so maby i am blinded to other similar creations, but Winnifreds Daughter blows my mind.

The attention to detail, the designs.. So unique.

When i finally got the guts to ask how her design came about , it was such an awesome explanation.

She had drafted many different faces and bodies. Played with legs and eyes and faces and ears until she found the things she loved. She uses upcycyled materials, and even brought around the 2 jumpers she will be using for Master 1's softie.

When i asked her how she knew her design was perfect.. She said it was like she had found Freedom.

You can tell when someone finds their freedom. That something that set them apart.

Yes , a gazzilion people make ruffled nappy covers, but its the combinations and client love, the passion for charities that sets Tina from Georgie girl apart from the rest.

The fabric and child like imagination that makes Cherie from Lace and Ryde stand out from the millions of other doll makers.

Its the perfection that Jodie from Flowers, Frills, Buttons & Bows will not settle for anything less of when it comes to making her babushkas and Kokeshi's

Lucy from Coco L'Amour.. 100% handmade and crafted cushions.
Yeah, sure you could by a mass produced cushion from Target or spotlight for $31.00. But its not the best feeling when your visitor mentions she saw that cushion at their mums just the other day and she had brought it at the target sale for $25.00
(...Yes .. it happened to me.. sigh..)

I love following Janine's growth and talent at Little Wildrose .. every new collection released is just jaw dropping..


I know, your thinking.. 'All the big names' .. but take a second to realize why they are so well known. They arent known for giveaways or page spamming.. they are known for the amazing work they have to offer.

Personally, i am far from finding my freedom.
I dabble in hundreds of different designs and ideas. 98% of the time its not even shown on my facebook page.

I am still far from finding that one or 2 ideas that give me freedom.

How and when did you find your freedom?
Are you still looking?
Doubting yourself?
Are you at the stage you feel for filled? or still looking for praise?
Do you still crave that one thing that will make you stand out?
Does it not worry you?

I want to know the person behind the page.
Your reasons for what you do.
Share with me who you are what is your passion.

x N


  1. Oh Nic. What would I do without you? You GGalways managed to express everything so perfectly and you spoil me by mentioning me with those other amazing women. Yes, I feel like I have found my freedom and when I look at a nappy cover I have just finished... I feel like a weight is lifted and it's time for it to move on and for me to begin again. xxx

  2. Thanks so much for adding my little name to that list:) I still get butterflies every single time I put a doll up for sale on my page thinking "This is it... the one they are all going to hate and my good run will be OVER!"... but every time my gorgeous and generous followers surprise me. I used to make a million different things and none of them sold (I still have the bag of stock in my sewing room cupboard to prove it!) but when i made my first doll and everyone I showed went WOW I knew I had found my niche (not that it is a niche anymore with the 2000 other pages selling the same thing! lol) Thankyou again for the mention. I am humbled to be added amongst these other INCREDIBLE designers:) x Cherie @ Lace & Ryde

  3. Nic, I'm so so honoured to receive a mention alongside these awesome women and businesses. I'm SO fickle when it comes to sticking to something or seeing it through, I've tried my hand at lots of different sewing crafts, get bored and over it and just happened to stumble into designing clutch's. I have the freedom to be as creative as I like with my designs and I don't feel as though I'm anywhere even close to reaching my full potential with them. I hope one day you find that one thing that makes you stop, smile and say "that's it... that's my 'thing'". Just go with your gut, you're such a creative person with an eye for wonderful unique things, and you'll find your calling, and I can't wait to see it when you do! xx Janine

  4. A whole lot of my favourites here ... a beautiful post .... I think we are all in search of freedom in some shape or form x