Sunday, July 10, 2011

Where the magic happens..

Its been a working process for months. This did not happen over night. I would have been impossible. I wanted to share an area with the kids where i could see them and they could see me. I didnt want to work in another room from them and feel distant.

We are lucky enough to have a house at the end of a culdersack with a long driveway. So i decided to take over the double garage.

For the first few months our garage looked like this.. Chaos.

A dead set nightmare.

I attempted many times to get some sort of order. But to be able to achieve that would have meant NOT restoring and rehoming.. it meant removing.

I had to part with alot of stuff.

The past few months i have done load after load to the tip and donating to thrift shops.. Parting with things ive stored for years.

Now i have a haven where i sit all day (And usally all night).

The kids have free run of our street, we watch movies, we warm ourself in the sun, we chat with the neighbours. Every 2nd house is a family full of kids.

Its bliss.

Huge TV - $0 Free cycle

Sewing desk- $5 Salvation Army
Small pink and white storage- $0 (From a good friend)
I also take the baskets out and use it to store my tea cup candles at my market
Butterfly felt mobile- $0 Gift from 'Friends for Felix'
Plastic storage containers- $10 for 20 Reduced to clear rack at target.

Long Cabnet- $5 Garage sale.
Frames- $2
Reused from my table placings at our wedding.
Now they store handmade doilies as a wedding gift from my husbands Aunty.

Desk and cabnet - Free
(Thank god for granparents with style)
Chair- Free from my parents old dining room set.

Scales- Free
Best friends mum..
Book shelf - $10
Garage sale
Tea Pots and tea cups- Thrift shops and garage sales

Clothes racks - Free
Some girls i met at a market.. forget their names..

Whether you sew, paint, cook or create..

Show us a snipit..Where does your magic happen?

x N

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