Tuesday, January 31, 2012

{ Fantastic February }

As i sit her and scoff my last bag of M&M's im actually feeling quiet sick and chocolate overloaded excited about tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the first day of February, the month of my birthday and first wedding anniversary which also falls on my late grandfathers birthday and the month i find my will power again.

In November 2006 for the first time in my life i found the will power to give away all foods that were bad for my temple. My body is my temple. And right now, im treating it like a caravan.
For 4 months i had NO takeaway whatsoever. I didnt even experience a lick of chicken salt off a juicy KFC chip.. Remembering, our gastric band does give away the junk food, or take the mars bar out of your tight gripped hand to toss it in the bin, Our will power does
And my will power and i have not been on the same page of late.

My strongest cravings are first and foremost, chocolate.
I could easily eat a whole block in one sitting, in one breath.
If there were no chocolate, i would probably dig in to the potato chips..
Cheese and onion.. Om nom nom.
Then anything savory. Pies, Pastries, Pizza, Burgers... Anything really.

Now my band doesn't allow alot of these divine treats, but i can cheat.
Give me a glass of coke on the side and it slowly moves the food through my band.

Coke, another thing i could easily go a litre of.

So, I have NO chocolate, NO soft drink , NO sweets, NO savories and NO treats in my house.
Oh i lie, i have an unopened bag of choc coated honeycomb.
And i plan on it staying unopened.

I am actually excited about the new and improved menu!
Tonight i dived into a delicious ham and salad sand which.
Honestly, that had so much more taste and flavour then any of the fast cooked meals ive made recently!

I am one for convenience.

If its not in front of me like a bag of crisps or a chocolate bar.. I usually 1. Dont have time and 2. Cant be bothered to get anything else. So i have changed that.

I chopped , grated and emptied all my salads and hams in to containers, put my fruit on an easy to reach level and my 2.5L jug of water within reach in my fridge.

Tomorrow i delete caffeine , chocolate, artificial sugars, processed foods and un healthy snacks from my life.
Tomorrow my addiction to exercise starts kicking off with an early morning brisk walk / run / minor heart attack on the curb of my street... And some days sweating it out at the gym.

You know, I was admitting to my good friend the other day that i am actually a fantastic gym member. I've been a loyal member at my local fitness center for just over a year. Ive never missed a payment, Nor have i put my membership on hold.
I always smile at the instructors if i see them shopping in the center and im proud to say 'Thanks, But im already a member' when they are signing others up in the shopping center stands.

I joined my gym with my best friend when she moved back home from Kiwi-land and im fairly sure ive stepped foot inside ..around.. 7 or 8 times? 2 of those being to use their scales and one to 'check in' on facebook as a running joke with a friend..

Lame right!? $28.00 a fortnight, to be eligible to have a tag swinging off my set of keys.. SO, this week ive cut myself a deal. If i dont attend the gym to WORK OUT at least twice, I quit.
I put my $28.00 away and by myself a new outfit on the first of March.
(Ngawai.. you here that woman!?)

It begins.. Fan-fricken-tastic Feb-rocking-raury! 

Im excited! I love a challenge, and to know my body is going to be the one thankful for it and reaping the rewards makes it 150% better!

x N

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