Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happiness.. When your dream pants unexpectedly fit!

About a month ago i brought a ton of new clothes of a gorgeous lady who sells on facebook. She had the bidding starting at $1 .. so i bid on about 30 things and won them all! One of the items i just HAD to have was a pair of Bardot jeggings.

Now, i dont have the pins for jeggings, But i had seen these particular ones in the barot store and they are more like jeans, then tights. They were a size 8, but i knew eventually it would  be possible. 

And if not, id just frame them and it would be my hope to one day fit them..Ok, i wouldnt, id probably just give them to mum..

So, off i went to pick up my winnings, Excited to meet my $89.95 pair of jeggings i scored for a couple of dollars.

I met Lisa, Fell in love with her clothes and rushed home to try them on.

Only to be greeted by this..

Cry Cry Cry...

Of course, I phoned mum. 
My source of encouragement... she suggested a band adjustment. I was over eating, had not had a fill in about 6 months and had lost the full feeling.

But you see for me, to have my band adjusted is a 45 minute drive each way, usually with 3 kids in tow, and then the worry of an over fill and having to go back.. So i just watched what i ate.

About a week later mum phoned me.. Similar problem, she had put on a few kg's and felt her band wasn't doing its job and needed a fill. 
Knowing we had about a 3 week wait she phoned straight away to book us in at the same time. They got us in 3 days later! 

A few weeks post adjustment and attempting to reach my final goal of 70kg i thought i would dig those depressing jeggings out and hang them by my gym equipment. 

But before that, do another photo update. 

Shock horror.

I actually started laughing hysterically when i realised, THEY FREAKEN FIT!

Within around a month with determination, total chocolate and coke deprivation, a pantry clean out of ALL sweets and NO takeaway my dream pants fit!

Now, for my own happiness its time to trim and tone. 
I want to wear shorts above my knees and skirts without tights! I want to wear short board shorts! or NO board shorts!

My band loves me when i love it. 
And ive been treating it well, so it looks like ive been rewarded! 

Im so excited to go shopping for my birthday outfit, now that the one i had picked out will be to big :) :)

x N


  1. Proud proud proud of you Nic!!! Everything is starting to fall into place and 2012 is YOUR year. Don't just chase your dreams - CATCH THEM!! Di xoxoxox

  2. AND they look amazing! You SO have the legs for it!

  3. Congratulations - I hope to get there soon. Am hoping to lose 5kgs in 8 weeks for a wedding