Friday, February 4, 2011


Should always flow with Motivation? Right?

At the moment i am totally overwhelmed with inspiration from other WAHP's just like myself.
The need to for fill the other role, then just being a parent. The hobby / business that sets you aside.

Ive taken some time over the past few weeks to kick back and read some blogs. Ive not come across some 'In the Spotlight' stories of people such as Tina from Georgie girl, Lilian from Lily Chic Events, Angie and Kristy from AnK Bowtique , Michelle from mishmash Designs , Suzannah Tucker Photography and MANY more that i frequent on a regular basis.

All of these work and home parents give me enormous inspiration, knowing in some way or another are just like me.

Wanting to provide for there families, in anyway possible. Wanting to create that outlet for the built up creativity. Meeting other parents weather it is 'in real life' of through cyber space.

Some days 'Facebook' is my only connection to the outside world! I can honestly go a whole day with having listen only to the people inside my home. Craving a phone call from an Indian man trying to help me fix the 'virus' on my PC...
The Internet gives me that option to see how others are doing.

Ive learnt a great deal about my fellow mums through their interviews and blogs.

Lilian from Lily chic events and Her husband, were blessed with their twin baby girls at 25 weeks. I actually had followed her story on Aurelia and Indiana through the facebook page Lil had set up to update friends and family. My youngest , Phoenix, is a special care baby and i felt her emotions like they were my own.

Tina, from Georgie Girl.. I Had always thought Tina was a Melbournite! Low and behold she is a Brissie Gal! Im based at the northern end of the Gold Coast, i wonder how close we actually are!
AnK are actually a duo!

I had always wondered how the name came about then after seeing Angie and Kristy in the spotlight on i finally found out the A is for Angie and the K is for Kristy! Learn a new thing hey!

And Michelle from Mishmash has a gorgeous family of 6 boys and a hubby! Talk about out numbered!

I thoroughly enjoy reading about how they started out, weather the started from scratch or were handed an awesome business opportunity on a silver platter. Because i know , with myself its been a hard hard road.
There have been times when i have completely given up. Thrown the towel in, And actually felt as ease about my decision. Then time mixed with ideas made me realise i could restructure what i didn't enjoy about what i did.. and turn it right around in to something that makes me more happy then any other hobby i do!

That's when i took a different direction.

To me Buttons Dior is a celebration of vintage, time, feeling and buttons. I hand design and craft one of a kind pieces with the first thought that comes to me. I can not and will not make bulk lots of items. And i very rairly take custom orders.
I don't have the time or energy and that is how i failed before. But you learn, you make mistakes and you love the lessons that come because of it.

I give myself no time frame. I can have up to 30+ projects in motion, placed in a expandable folder waiting for there time to be completed. Once they are done, they are any ones.
Sometimes auctioned, sometimes sold, sometimes gifted.

So now i come to my point, i read these blogs over and over, i live a part of the exciting life they have through the Internet, there photos amaze me. I have the power to make my life more content and sorted. Now if anyone knows of a seller that sells motivation.. Please let me know! I would love to read there blog.

x N

Some of my FAVE Facebook pages and Blogs..


  1. Wow! I am truly honoured Nic that you find yourself inspired by what I love to do...and you are so right in saying that some days the internet is the only contact with the outside world! You inspire me..and I will never forget that support when I was struggling with inspiration myself..when both girls were so small..bless you xx

  2. Oh Nic. What a kind, inspirational person you are. I loved reading this post - so much so that I read it a few times. You have an amazing ability to express exactly how you and other WAHM's feel through your words! The contact I have with other women and mother's through my facebook page has become invaluable and then to be mentioned by someone like you... WELL.... what more can I say? Thank you for YOUR inspiration and support. It's truly appreciated. I cannot wait to get to rambling on on my new blog that should be up and running in a few weeks. I hope to see you on there too as often as possible xx Tina GG

  3. BTW - I'm in Sunnybank Hills in Brisbane!

  4. Thank you for including me on your list - I am really flattered to be here! It is hard work running your own business from home, building it up from scratch, investing so much time and energy, but I really truly love what I do, so it doesn't feel like 'work'. Blog posts like this where I am included as a 'favourite' of sorts really move me, as I don't consider myself to be! I am just me, feeling so amazed and incredibly lucky to be doing what I love. If we all follow our dreams, and stay true to ourselves, then we all inspire each other.
    Thank you for making my week!
    ~Susannah xx

  5. I so relate to this post. I don't know what mamas did before the internet. I'm grateful to connect with you through facebook and our blogs. Thank you <3 ~Zoie