Thursday, February 3, 2011

Picture Perfect.

Lately my dreams have constantly been about clutter. Weather its house clutter, fridge clutter or car clutter im always dreaming about climbing over boxes to get to things or finding it hard to drive because of all the rubbish under the accelerator of my car.
Now, i can honestly say my car is far from being like that (Although it has got your general day to day mess and some weeks looks like a 2nd hand shop..)

And my house is well, lived in.

I lay in bed dreaming about pulling everything out of my garage and leaving it on the drive way to be taken by life line. Simply so i don't have to deal with it anymore.
Being a real crafter, i have a ton of supplies, fabric, paints ect that don't have a 'place' they are just stored in our double garage.

Last week i bought Kmart and target out of there storage boxes and organisation materials and yes, they are still sitting in the garage, on my table, waiting to be used.

Our walk-in robe simply isnt 'walk-in-able' its where we go to dig for clothes or long lost items. And our bed room is the storage for ALL items of clothing in our whole house. So we keep that door closed.

I will give myself credit tho. When moving recently i de-cluttered ALOT of our home. I was so shocked at how much i parted with when i went on my cleaning spree. I think im now due for another one. A "Dont think twice" cleanout.

The dreams are sending me crazy. I dream about really sad things. Like wishing my house was in the floods so i could start again. And last night was picturing my house with no roof and empty. See, Pretty intense hey!

My only option is, and ive done it many times now. Is pulling the entire contents of the garage out on to my drive way and sorting. Its the way i seem to get things gone. But i have to do it in small amounts. The heat has been so intense, that i cant bear to be out there for longer then a couple of hours. Especially with the 3 kids under my feet.

So i ask. All of these work at home mums that thrive off and love posting photos of there gorgeous house, immaculate bedrooms, craft areas to die for.. What is the rest of there house like? Have you got target catalogues on your computer table (Underneath your huge Imac , next to your iPad) Do you have 6 week old coles receipts still stuck to your fridge, just in case a shopper docket will come in handy? Is there an empty energy drink can still sitting on your bench from when your husband last used the computer? *Sigh*

Are you constantly fighting a day to day battle on keeping your house in a livable condition? Keeping it free of germs ? Collecting a range of broken toys and torn up news papers?

Or is your life as perfect as your picture?

x N

The aftermath of Christmas eve move

A work in progress


  1. Hi Nic,
    I love your blogs. I'm a work from home mum. My house is lived in. But now i have a routine. I get up at 7am with my 4 kids, get breakfast, make lunches, sit down have a cuppa and a smoke then take kids to school. As soon as i get home from the school drop off i sit down in my office and start making calls, checking emails, and sending faxes, when i am bored or sick of my job i get up and do some housework then when i am over that i go back to my office and vice versa. My house stays tidy that way. 3PM I go and pick the kids up from there schools come home make snacks for them then go back to my office and do more work. 5pm I come out help kids with homework and start getting dinner ready go back to my office do more work. 6pm i finish cooking and we all sit down at the table which is new to us because hubby and i normally sat in lounge room eating together and kids at the table but now we all sit together and talk about our day.The kids love it that we are all eating together and having family time. But after tea i fill the sink with hot water and soak the dishes we all go our seperate ways me back to my office for paperwork. Kids to there tv room hubby back to the xbox. My hubby doesn't do any cleaning i don't think he knows how lol.. My kids all have chores and earn $10 a week for them and they get book club money on top of the $10 so they do there chores everyday. But there are days when my spare room and my bedroom dorr has to be CLOSED because i have all my washing piled on the queen beds and don't want visitors to see it and i don't want to see it. If i shut the doors there is no mess and i forget about it lol..
    I'm sitting here wondering if anyone else has a clothes basket full of odd socks? or is it just me lol..
    I think working from home is so much harder becuase you can't leave work and leave work a the office it's always right in the next room.
    With you though i think you need to take time out from doing everything for everyone else and concentrate on finding a balance (i know it's bloody hard). But sometimes we need to take time for US.. Do one room at a time and take your time.
    Every 6 months we get a skip bin delivered and i throw everything out that's broken, i also get rid of everything we haven't used in the past 6 months it all goes to salvo's.
    I commend you on everything you are doing. Your an amazing person/mother. But remember Nic that happiness comes from with in.
    I read your blog with amazement at how you have so many things going on in your life. You do so much for everyone else. You need to take time out for you and your family. Your getting married in 9 days. You need to take time for YOU!!!
    Do one task at a time.

    Good luck with everything.

    Looking forward to the next blog..


  2. I wish I had an odd socks basket! I struggle to find a pair of socks in a overflowing basket of clothes I haven't folded all week/fortnight...I constantly struggle with wanting a picture perfect house and I feel like I get one room done then by the next afternoon boom hurricane miss 3 and 6 have been through and left their path of destruction...All I can say is I have learnt to breathe our kids won't remember the clutter but the time and expieriences we have had with them.
    So put one foot in front of the other and you will get there!
    Saying we are human and need to slow down is a load of b.s but when the kids have moved out and the clutter is gone you will miss your organised caos guarantee'd !

  3. My god, you wrote about me! Thank you so much for sharing this heartfelt blog. I am struggling with "letting go" and I too have dreamed of fires and floods to "be rid of it". Reading your blog has opened my eyes to what I should be seeing and I thank you for that. One step at a time and I wish you all the best to reach the finish line. I will do this too. One day I may post pics of my struggle so you can see, you are truly not alone in this. <3