Saturday, December 4, 2010

DIY invites!

So i hand made our Save the Date invites (thanks to google!) which i think turned out pretty darn funny, seen as tho it looks like MY FINGER IS UP MY NOSE! Thanks very much for pointing that out AFTER Ive printed 60 odd invites out.. Oh well.. gives it character yeah?

They were SO much fun to make, we just couldnt do the typical 'hallmake' invites.. It just wasnt us and after about 50 photos we chose the 4 we liked and used those. To us, it shows our personality and sense of humor. This is the kid of people we are.

Then we moved on to our wedding invites. I originally started a slide show, which i think we will now send as our Thank-you cards. This is a slide show with photos from the day we met and will include photos of our wedding.
Ill put them on DVD's and i picked up a bundle of cd sleeves from a garage sale for 20c cheap and memorable.

Ive put SO so so much hard work and effort in to our wedding as im doing every little detail myself, i decided our invites were going to be SIMPLE. So with the help of some creative minds we set to it. Having the invites printed on photos thanks to a great friend Cassi, and all other bits and pieces bought by my maid of honer.

Just recently, i put together a cute little photo invite for Miss 2's birthday / cake smash in a couple of weeks. These are so simple to make and can be done in about half an hour and i used paint and microsoft word. Printed them out at Kmart for 8c each and there done!

I totally suggest making your own invites. Not only its is so simple and fun, its a keepsake and something that everyone will just love!

x N


  1. Where did you get her tutu?...I NEED one for miss 2 : p btw her invites are devine what a great idea

  2. Oh hey! Sorry i miss your comment Hannah! I got it from the one and only pettiskirt heaven. Princess Ratbag Pettiskirts. Search facebook for them. x