Friday, December 17, 2010

Take the Cake..

Today, and only today im going to allow myself to feel as though im 'Mother of the day' Its been a rough one.

Phoenix STILL, at 8 months old does not and never has slept through the night. He wakes about 4 or 5 times. So im running on empty, starting my day before 5 and simply 'go' because i have to. Who else will look after the kids eh!?

Anyways, today was hectic.

So far ive.. Been garage saleing at 5am to get 2/3 of the kids out of the house , Picked up for breakfast (which i got a whole bite of), cleaned my house , my kitchen, both loungerooms, 3 bedrooms , cleaned my garage, Swept and dusted, done groceries alone with all 3 kids, had yogurt tipped all over me, prepared Miss 2 's Party for tomorrow (It was her Birthday yesterday!) Blown up balloons, made party bags, prepped 20 jelly cups, made 2-3 weeks worth of home made foods for Master .8 cleaned a mammoth mess of suncream mixed with 2 year old child, then cleaned the aftermath of poop in the shower.. *sigh*

Im now sitting for 5 minutes to clear my head before sparking up the BBQ to cook dinner awaiting a tribe of people arrive at my house before heading off to the shark bar for my partner and his bands 2nd show. They will then leave, ill pop all 3 kids in the bath and shower, clean up, make bottles put them all to bed and start on the 20 cupcakes and 3 tier cake for Miss 2's cake smash. *Yawn*

(Which i have a question about.. How long does tinned whipped cream last on a cake? Should i just bake the bake tonight, let it cool over night, then cream jam and ice tomorrow? I would HATE for the cream to run! eeep!)

Anyways, Thank you... I accept "Mother of the Day".

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  1. They say for best results you should put cream on just before serving so i would say do it on the day u need it. :) Your a Super Mum Nic and dont ever think different. Your a amazing xx