Monday, December 6, 2010

Someone decide for me.. Ill give ya' $100!

I'm stuck in a rut..

I NEED to go back to work. We NEED a 2nd income. We survive on one, but we want to live comfortably. I want luxuries.

But i wish there was a way i could make more money, on top of that. From home, doing something i enjoy.

I'm stuck on 3 things. And Ive tried everything to make me decide.
Pulling paper out of a hat, Making my son chose, Making a rash choice! Nothing is working.

SO please, Ive got $100 (Monopoly money of course) to give away.. MAKE ME CHOSE! ( I'm putting money on MR 26 deciding for me so he can score my money)

Here are my choices.

1. Organic facials.
  • It can be a before or after hours job. MR 26 works every day but Thursdays and Fridays. But is only home until 4pm on Thursdays.. so I'm not left with a great deal of business availability.
  • Its can be mobile or home based.
  • I believe and love the product i would use. Ive had facials before and thoroughly enjoyed it!
  • I can also make extra money through selling the product i would be using.
  • Facials and massage helps me stay calm and relaxed.
  • Its only an hour at a time work. Which could possibly mean only a few hours needed at one time.
  • The initial outlay is rather expensive.
  • I may not have enough spare time to successfully keep it running.
  • There may not be a need or want for it in my area.
  • I have to take in to account time and fuel. And weigh up the cost of the facial, whether its actually going to be worth it.
  • I don't have a 'room' to have set up permanently.
2. Photography.
  • I adore photography.
  • I have what i need to start taking photos
  • I have the time to edit photos while I'm at home with my children.
  • I don't have the perfect gear to take amazing photos.
  • I don't have a great deal of 'light' time to be able to take photos in the day light. MR 26 works 5 days a week, leaves at 7.30am and is home at 6pm and works weekends.
  • Photo shop annoys the heck out of me.
  • I'm to self critical.
3. Continue with what i do with my sewing.
  • I have everything , Plus more, to be able to rebuild my business.
  • I have many ideas and self drawn patterns i can start to put together.
  • My best friend bought me a brand new sewing machine!
  • I can do my sewing from home, any time, day or night.
  • I can sell from home or through shops and markets.
  • I seem to either has lost my passion or motivation.
  • My sewing room / garage is atrocious.
  • I have no game plan. I never stick to one idea and complete it.
  • Ive got no faith in what i do.
  • i cant find my over-locker pedal..Grrr..
So there you have it, my messed up confused little world.

Sitting here staring at my computer screen for the past 15 minutes has made me think.

Maby I'm so sour about my past 2 business ventures that i hold it against this one.

Not caring if the people involved read this, Ill fill you in.

My first was a small lived clothing label with what i thought was a friend. We clicked really well and our kids became close. I had only just had Miss 2 , so financially we weren't in the best position, living comfortably, just tight but i loved what i did just for some extra cash.
Pretty much to cover my spending on craft goodies.

My now ex friend wanted to take it to the next level and make it a business, not so much a hobby.
That, i was fine with. But being able to fork out the money they were needing for a website and products is where i fell short. I simply didn't have the money.
So, i politely told them i would go my own way. Keep what i did as a hobby, i wouldn't be there supplier and as this was my first ever work at home parent adventure i wanted recognition more then money. Something i felt they far from understood.

Things turned nasty. Hurtful words were thrown around, i was disgraced all over facebook simply because things didn't go her way.

Ive recently, after no contact for over a year (aside from an email to explain people thought i was still part of the business) found out some horrible things said about me. Lies and lies and lies. And i will defend myself to death because i don't deserve to be treated like that. Id done nothing wrong!

So, that was fail One!

Fail Two, I finally decided it was time to go out on my own, make my products and my products alone known to others. I had a huge support network behind me who had supported me through Fail One. Seen first hand the embarrassment caused.

Again, It went to much to fast. With help of an old friend we had a website up and running, talks about mass production and orders coming out of my ears. I couldn't keep up. I was so over whelmed, pregnant with Master .7 and 2 under 4! The whole structure was ridiculous.
I was on my own. No help. I lost my passion, i gained dread for making items and slowly started lagging behind until finally i screamed stop. I was done.

I completed orders and stopped all together. but my creative side was aching for some release.
I don't know how it all started, but I'm constantly needing an outlet.
Most of the time my brain is going a billion miles and hour and i just snap.

I think my 2 past experiences have put a low lying cloud over my current label. Its like I've run from 2 other ideas to finally find my feet now they are my shadows.

Not only did i lose 2 potentially successful business opportunities, i lost what i thought were 2 good friends.

I should have listened to MANY people. Don't do business with friends.

So, where do i go from here? My 'best' and 'ideal' route is my craft from home. But how to i rid my past to make it successful? How do i make structure? A happy and smooth path..

Will i ever be able to?



  1. I think you should craft when you feel the need or want. Not for a need. I have found that if I have to sew something (deadlines etc) I struggle a lot . . but if I sew for fun and love I am a lot more creative and enjoy the process a lot more. I think if you stress yourself into having this much stock available at all times then it can just become a burden. Maybe stick to markets or just stock as you sew . . or certain times each month like some businesses . .

    Start slow .. your own pace . . tell people no if you need to . . you can do this babe . . I totally believe in you!!


  2. i totally get where you are hun. I have decided i want to earn some money with the idea of working less - i effing hate my job :(
    But i am too self critical and not really sure where to begin, i feel lost :(

  3. Nic, you are good at anything you do and try. Forget the past and live for the future. You need this to keep you happy. Always remember your true friends stick buy you and they always support you. Just go with your heart and your head will follow and you will achieve. Keep strong.