Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A 'not so' Wise woman once said..

I seem to have a shocking run of luck when i attempt going to the larger shops.

A few months ago i got told that i was being inconsiderate to other shoppers by using a double pram whist only having one child occupy it.
My son was only 8 months old, we were at Ashmore City (The shop speaks for its self) And it was a Sunday morning. They have a car boot sale on a Sunday so i had rummaged around there using the spare seat to store my buys then ducked in to the IGA to buy some milk.

I was lining up behind the said woman when she stood back to far touching her ankle on my pram.. I appologised and moved back a little.
That's when her mental break down began.
Yelling at me how i was 'hogging' the isle and calling me selfish.. I was borderline bursting in to sleep deprived tears when she KICKED my pram.. tears turned to volcanic acid and i lost my barley coherent temper.

For those who dont know, our son is very sick. His liver doesnt work , he catches every single virus going round and its very fragile. And at the time was not well.
I threw every single reason why she should not have touched my pram at her while holding back on hurling my 3L milk at the woman screaming back at me.

The supervisor then whisked me away to another register and asked if i would like to make a report. I just wanted to get the hell out of there. Piled all my boot sale buys in my car, buckled baby in and just sobbed.

A couple of weeks later i ventured to Kmart with little miss. Upon seeing a fellow 2 year old with a balloon she instantly wanted one.
Considering a balloon is a weapon to her, i dismissed her request and plonked her in a trolley. Then the blood curdling screams began. I hurried to the back of Kmart to grab my USB card reader and pretty much jogged back to pay and get out of the public eye.
On my way back a woman obviously with nothing else better to do then pull up a chair in a large store and voice her unwanted opinions on to others stopped and proceeded to tell Miss 2 to stop being such a feral child.

HOLD UP.. I, her mother, the one who stored her 10+lbs body in my stretched to buggery stomach then gave birth to her in an unimaginably 8 minutes.. can call her a feral child.
But you lady, can not call her feral.
And i told her as much.

She then let me know that she obviously got her attitude from her foul mother and in her words 'Thank the heavens above this child was one of a kind' .. i could have knocked this woman right off her feet is she wasnt as old as my nan and i could afford to pay for damages to the biscuit stand behind her. So i gave her 'that look' and hustled my still screaming child to the nearest register. Again, back to my car to sob.

This brings me to today.

A simple trip to the shop to pick up a phone and dish washing liquid. Seems simple enough? didnt bother dressing up, just chucked on a clean cardigan and tied my hair back.

Dish washing liquid- Check.. 15 minutes to kill untill Telstra opens. Lets hit the in-shop play ground.

Straight away Miss 2 was the balloon her Mr 2 friend has. Which there were no more anywhere to be found.

Full-on-lay-down-feet-kicking-coughing-tanty. I simply turnde my head and ignored her.

Along comes the not so wise woman.

'Oh dear, you look exhausted.. do you only have the 2?'
'No, i have 3'
Oh! what were you thinking dear, with a child like that, i would have stopped at 1..'
'Do you have children?'
'No, ive enjoyed my life'
-Awkward silence-
'Hey! little girl.. that's enough!'
'Thanks, i can handle it..'
'Single mother?'
'No.. I can handle this'
-Awkward silence- .. waiting for her to leave..
'Well obviously not my dear. you look like you used to be a pretty woman, look what these kids have dont to you'
' Im just tired'
' You know what you need? An eye brow wax, a hair brush , a bit of make up and you will be back to looking like a pretty lady again'
'Wow, thanks'
'Your welcome, Bye now.. Be good for your mother children'

So i pile my kids in to the trolley, that must make use look even more poor then she has already assumed, we march up to Telstra where i yell over there screaming, pick up the phone, march back to my car and lay my head on my steering wheel and sob.

Now im back home in a headspin.. kids in bed hopefully for the rest of the day.. (Wishes) Kicking myself for not buying that block of chocolate to drowned myself in.

Why must people pick on me??!!??


  1. OMFG - speechless. I will be back when I can collect my thoughts I am fuming!!!!!!

  2. I've been in situations like this with my kids more times than I care to remember. Old people suck, not all of them, just the ones who think the world owes them a favour.
    Go back and buy the chocolate, "feral" kids or not ;)

  3. Why must people pick on others? Put simply....people suck.......well most of them anyway.
    Chin up x

  4. OMFG! I am shocked! WTF? Who has a right to speak to anyone like that? Kids will be kids. I remember when Z was little he was "feral". It's the fkn age! They're testing boundaries and trying to work out how they fit into the scheme of things. It's natural and it doesn't change as they get older they just go about it in a different way. It's how they grow and learn. I'm sitting here shaking my head...WTF is wrong with people! Hope you're ok Nic. :)

  5. OMG how (insert expletive here) rude is that

    HUGS to you Nic


  6. Wowzers... Some people just don't know when to hold their tongue.
    G used to go feral like that when he was 2ish, I was ever so thankful when he stopped. Ande has now turned into this devil in disguise of late. He hasn't had a good day in about a month... I have avoided going to the shops as your reality today is my fear. I did yesterday, and the lady at the counter offered him a sticker 'if he behaved'.... Great - so its not just me that thinks he is naughty!

    Hope this is the last of the 'wise' ones that you encounter... Some people need a good smack across the head!

  7. Wow bitches! Prob both bitter old menopausal women. Your doing a great job ox

  8. Well I feel sorry for a woman who is so self-involved she's missed out on the joy and love of children in her life. No wonder she has no kids.....it takes two people to make babies and they usually have to like each other.....poor woman couldn't find anyone who liked her enough eh? I'd have ripped her flippin head off. Stupid cow. Nic, I don't know why people pick on you sweetheart, they always feel that they can tell me that I'm too sensitive and need to change my whole personality to suit them, suffice it to say that they are too angry, bitter and selfish to understand love....feel sorry for them and hold your head with pride.

    Your ferral child today will be the one who gives you the most joy and love and entertaining stories tomorrow!!!!

    Personally, I think that you're all wonderful.

  9. OMFG.... some people just need to slapped and hard.... mum's (us) are wonderful people and as my Grammy used to say if you don't have anything nice to say... well just don't bloody well say it!!!