Thursday, June 16, 2011

$4.00 Worth of beautiful happiness.

i The thrift shops trips where your looking for nothing.

I am constantly playing with Addison-Dior's room like it were my own.

Adding trinkets to her collection, fixing her frames.. changing her pillow cases.

Living my childhood through her room i guess.

Today on my travels i ducked in very quickly to the Animal welfare league op shop in currumbin seen as though i was at the wreckers next door.

Its these kind of buys you cant 'search for' .

Double white lace and embroided duvet cover $3.00
3 for $1.00 pillow cases.

1 ruffled pink case-
1 baby pink satin cover-
And, My rare find- The Swan on the front of this pillow slip brings so much calmness to her room.

I wonder whos room this sat in and if they appreciate it as much as we do... I wonder if i will ever find a matching slip?

Now all i need to do it sit in front of my PC 24/7 for the next week to score one of Flower Frills Buttons & Bows - Swan Softie

Im going to need supplies.. Chocolate anyone?


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