Sunday, May 22, 2011


Well, When this mum puts her mind to something.. Look .. Out!

I am pretty darned chuffed right now!

Without spending a single cent today.. And 3 kids 5 and under plus 2 cats tomenting me , within 2 hours using only items from around the house..I had transformed a 'room' In to a chic wonderland for miss Dior.

I will run through it all better tonight, but i am just to excited i just had to upload photos now!



It started with this.. A $4.00 double doona cover set and a pair of pillow cases for 50c

An old cot blanket..
Hot tip- Line your material up along your tiles or room divider.. Make as a long ruler!
Add one kitten for shits and giggles..
Using the lines on your tiles makes cutting a hell-ov-a-lot easier!
I made sure i kept the buttons so i could take the cover on and off.
I upcycled her cot blanket. Its thick, but not to much as the doona cover is very heavy.
Simpy framed the material. Very effective!

Tah Dah..
One of my best life line buys.. 2 of these gorgeous lamps, full of dust a pair for $5.
Even the globes still worked in them.
Scored these 3 curtain panels from the upholstery remnants section of spotlight for $2 a meter. Cost me $5.30 in total. Also bought another panel to layer for .60c

The embroidery on the curtains

50c thrift score! For a pair!
Made from the same material as her Doona cover and pillow case.

Our bird cage from our wedding.
The Princess' Bed
Miss Dior is a little scared of the dark and will only sleep with her fairy lights on.
A place for everything.

Dad & Tiger Lily were pretty proud..

♥ One happy lady

Master 5's room next..

x N


  1. LOVE! And you've also got room to add more things. It's so french looking!

  2. GORGEOUS hun!! And I love how you are such an up-cycler like me!!! My family call me the "Op Shop Queen", and I think I have finally found my 'royal court' in you, Miss Dior!!

    We must go op shopping together - let me know if you're free this week! xoxox

  3. Awesome work! And I am so glad those frames came in handy for you! :) Well done!!! Now... to teach her to keep it clean, every night spend 5 mins with her, asking her to show you where everything goes! ;)

  4. Wow very nice! The room is beautiful x