Thursday, May 19, 2011


About a month ago a posted on my Buttons page about a dream that i had the previous night. It was about a lady.
Im not sure where i had seen her from but i could describe exactly what she looked like.
She wasnt short, but wasnt tall. She had light blonde, even strawberry blonde wavy hair with small curls wisping out the sides.
Mainly where her glasses sat behind her ears. Her glasses were a thick frame.
Not a think metal frame. And they sat a little down her nose.

I felt like my dream was at a market.
It was like she was trying to promote her product.
She spoke fairly fast and wore an apron with a front pocket.
She had her hands tucked in, like she was fiddling with something.
Her laugh and self of humor made me get the feeling she was nervous. Over talking to disguise what she was feeling.

I felt like she lacked confidence in what she was 'selling'.

We ended on a good note, and i felt like we had made friends?
Without so much becoming friends. When i woke up i felt like i needed to befriend her. Liike i had something to tell her..

For the next couple of weeks i kept my eye out at markets wondering if she would be there, just so i could match the faces! It drove me insane.

She became ' That girl' to all my friends. Especially my best friend who had a similar dream, and referred to her as 'That girl'

On Tuesday i was sitting with my best friend Lucy talking about a dream she had.
And we brought up that i still didnt know who she was.
Lucy stayed to look after my eldest while i went to pick the youngest 2 up from daycare.

As i drove in i saw 2 teachers in the play ground. The one to the right.. That was her!!!

The girl in my dreams (eww.. that sounded creepy) Scratch that.. The girls FROM my dreams was my 2 year olds releaf teacher.
And id met her plenty of times before!

The first time i met her was when i picked Miss 2 up from daycare about 2 months ago.
I arrived and secretly watched her play for a while.
When she turned around she had a horrible rash all over her face and neck.

I couldn't help but blurt out 'What the hell happened to her face!'
The teacher, who we will now call 'Pat' ,Not, "that girl' Was stunned!
She didnt know that i hadnt been notified.
I felt awful. Id nearly torn shreds off this teacher who had only been there about 15 minutes. So i piled Miss 2 in the car and took her straight home where i called the home doctor.
He said it was a positive allergic reaction. Her face was swollen and red. Now to find out what it was.. And why i hadn't been called!

The second time i had met 'Pat' was the following week.
Missys face was fine this time, but she was walking funny.. kind of like a cowboy.
I made a joke saying 'Yeehaa!' as we walked to the car. But Miss 2 burst in to tears and stopped.

Screaming 'Hurties!!' I picked up up and carried her to the car, when i took her nappy off, her bottom was so burnt her skin was pealing.
Naked bottom and all, i marched straight back in there and gave the poor girl another mouthful.

Miss 2 is prone to nappy rash due to the acidity in certain foods, so we over pack nappies for 2-3 extra changes through the day to keep her as dry as possible.

Apparently She hadnt been changed for 5 hours. 11.30am was her last change and without fail, She will poop at 12pm on the dot.
So im gathering she was sitting in that poop for 5 hours.
Poor 'Pat' had only just walked in to take over as i left. Again, she took the brunt of it.
Addison has more reactions at daycare, only on her face. And the same rash. Every Friday. Until last week. I packed her own sheets. WOLAH! No rash. Miss 2 is allergic to there laundry powder.

So, back on track..
here come my questions. Why was she in my dreams? It was more then once.. it would have been a good 5-6 times.
Is it something totally differant to the incidents with Miss 2? I wonder if she is considering a career change (Hopefully not because of a scary mum!) and isnt confident about it?

Because the whole time she was talking in my dream i just wanted to say

'Stop! Slow down! Have a bit of faith in yourself for cheese sake!'

I told Miss 2's teach on Tuesday everything that i have blogged here.
I told her not to think i was a crazy lady.. meh , they didn't need me telling them about some dream for them to know im a crazy lady.. and shes going to suss out whether 'Pat' is looking in to business ventures..ect

That.. I will know tomorrow. (Or not. If i get there and they have an enlarge poster of my face on the front door saying ' NOT ALLOWED' )

Untill then.. Dream readers..Does any of my dream make sense!?


  1. I think Pat is not being truthful. Sounds like the lack of confidence you saw in the dream is really her nervousness. Maybe this job is not what she'd really like to be doing and therefore gives a half hearted attempt? I think she is quite fond of you and would prefer to save face than own up- even if it was on a colleagues shift.

    Did you complain to the centre director? I sure would if it was my daughter. Not to get pat in trouble but to make sure ALL their staff are aware of all their policies.

    What does your intuition say?

  2. My intuition actually thinks she is telling the truth. But, i feel like its something else she is nervous about.. The feeling that i wanted to befriend her made me feel trusting toward her.. I think tomorrow im going to have a little 'chat to pat' ;-)

  3. Run with that! I get the vibe that she is intrigued if not a little intimidated by your strong personality. Hope it goes well. I ESP hope it goes well so your little one has no more probes there! Lol! G luck. :)