Friday, May 13, 2011

Thrifting Love ♥

Yesterday i spent a few hours bouncing from Op shop to Op shop with my mum and gorgeous friend Corrinne stocking up on warm winter clothes.

I refuse to pay $3+ for a pair of socks that are destined for holes anyway.. Our first stop was the big place next to the Police station in Tweed Heads. I cant for the life of me remember the name.. But they have all clothing for $1!

$20 later i was stocked up.

We headed over to come more across from Tweed mall the back up the coast to Currumbin.

Op Shopping would have to be mum and i's ultimate favourite pastime. We could start in southport and buy from every 2nd hand store all the way to tweed! Garage saleing would come in at a close 2nd.

Here is the devine Miss Dior in her whole thrift shop get up! Costing a whole $2.50 for everything including the shirt under her hoodie.

Any Gold Coasters have Fave 2nd hand shops?? Share!

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  1. I love op shopping :) growing up my mum would drag me and my brothers from op shop to op shop and we hated it lol but after having my daughter I discovered how good it can be. I buy 90% of my daughters reading books from op shops and always donate them back when she doesn't read them any more :) my Fav stores are vinnies in lavelle st nerang ( but I find all vinnies are pretty good) salvo's precision drv molendiner, and the big lifeline over at broadbeach (near sizzler)