Friday, May 13, 2011

Step One...

So while blogger PMS-ed.. Im going to blogged on Facestalk. So i thought i would move that post over to here..

Anyway, It has begun. The first of my 'outing'.

Deep breath.

THIS- Is / was Phoenixs room.. Slash storage for craft, wedding deorations and clothes.
The only time he used his room was to sleep.. So its been on my 'list of things to worry about later'

But the poor kid needs a 'place'

I finally brought everything out in to the lounge room and bagged it all up in big black garbage bags.
Took all my craft boxes out of his cupboard and tossed all clothes smaller then a 2.

Ok, i lie. See that box? The pink one...
Gahhh, I just cant part with it! Its full of bonds wondersuits (Sizes 0000? I have 10lbs+ babies! They were 0000 at 4 months in the utro!) And my comfiest of comfy maternity bras and singlets.
That box.. Well, Is not yet ready for a new family..

Aside from that, everything else is off to life line! Bouncers, walkers, bumbo, highchairs, rocker! Gone.

I spent 2 straight hours cleaning, scrubbing, sorting, throwing. One thing at a time. And holy shit! I feel ah-ma-zing! I can only imagine how Phoenix feels!

I read something one day.. I was along the lines of ..

Step One to de-cluttering- Clean everything at eye level.

So i started with my fridge. I found party bags from our April birthday party. Wedding favours from a February wedding. A telstra phone connection notice from December! A banana... Gag.

So now, there is nothing.
I then went over to the TV cabnet, where when sitting on the couch, we look directly at. I moved all frames to the book shelf (nicely) , Put all Hubbies Xbox games and controls in to the storage space below.
I then wiped down the shelves and TV.. and wola! 2 things to ease the stress and clutter. Simple.

So the cleaning of the atrocious out of control babies room was not step one.

Step one- Go clean the top of your fridge!

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