Sunday, May 8, 2011

I have this friend..

I was cleaning up and cleaning out my facebook earlier today and came across a note i had written on Monday, March 23, 2009 at 8:48am.
I decided to be brave and tag 20 of our high school friends who i thought should see how i felt.

It started like how most of my other blogs start.

With a sleepless night, thinking about the one thing. Thats why you will generally find i blog in the morning. After next to no sleep. So excuse my randomness, Its sleep deprivation.

Here is what i found-

I have this friend.

Shes a pretty awesome friend.

I’ve been up since 3.30am just thinking about everything she has done for me, and i don’t even think she’s thought twice about it, It’s just her nature, it’s just what she does.

She’s a friend every single person should want and crave.

She’s just amazing. I met her when I was about 15-16 years old when she was a newbie to my high school.
I clicked with her straight away and knew she would be a friend for life.

After a few months of being at school she started to cop alot of shit of people who had no right to talk that way and should have had a good look at their life before teasing and being nasty.

It really started to hurt me, She was the best friend any one could want. She never spoke badly about people, even those who treated her like dirt.
And it wasn’t a nasty comment here and there, these people were down right hurtful and mean.

At 16 I didn’t know much about being jealous of others or feeling like people were better or lower than me, I was friends everyone! Friends with alot of boys and didn’t really care if a girl was prettier, or skinnier, or had better things then me.
I just enjoyed my teenage years and was thankful for good friends.

I copped so much for being overweight but fobbed it off because I had good mates who didnt see the kilos. I couldn’t for the life of me understand why so many people were so nasty to my friend.
She’s funny , she’s pretty, she’s thin, she’s nice, she’s caring! Shes talented! Why wouldn’t people like that?

I finally sat down with my mum one night and asked what she thought of my new school friend. Mum knew her back ground, knew what was happening at school and helped me understand the meaning of 'Jealousy'.

It was still hard to understand why the ‘Pretty’ and popular girls were still mean to her. Of all things i thought they would want to be friends with the other ‘pretty’ girl!
Then it clicked.

Those girls had a pretty face, but there inside were horrible. Inside they were ugly , mean, nasty and jealous.

They were Jealous that this girl could be gorgeous inside AND out.

No one knew her like I did , No one knew what her life was like, No one knew the stress she was under, and how sad her life at home was because no one bothered to ask.

She tried to make friends, she certainly didn’t have less friend’s thro lack of trying, She tried.

But the now ‘Ugly’ people didn’t give her the time of day.

I wonder if they look at her now and wonder what life would be like if they had just tried, If they had just hid their ugly side for just one single lunch break, To see the person I saw.

I wonder if they wish they had one good friend, someone they could trust with their deepest secrets or just someone they could ring when times got tough.
Now realise, she is the one you needed.

She’s made something of herself.

She’s still that ‘pretty girl’ I remember from school.

She still has that loud boisterous personality that make me laugh every single day, the smile that could stop you from crying when you thought you couldn’t even breath anymore.

And she still cares about people, sometimes more then she cares about herself.

Yesterday I saw yet another side of her.

It wasn’t the photo in the magazine, there wasn’t the face on the internet, there wasn’t the show on tv where she was the star, that i would always sit there and smile SO proudly!

I was out for lunch with mum and dad and for a split second I wondered what life would be like in her shoes. I wondered what it would be like to have this amazing life with this stunning body and all the opportunities in the world. Mum reminded me that jealousy will only make me ugly.

Then I heard my name. It was her.

Not in the trade mark bikini, not with her hair and makeup done, She was in her Surf Live Saving boardies and shirt.

My friend, One of my best friends is saving people’s lives.

How much more could one person give!? The girl who has stood by me for 7 years, who has watched me thro broken relationships, single motherhood, weight gain, weight loss, breakdowns and more is still putting her life aside for others.

She just reconfirmed how precious and rare these kinds of friends are.

It reminded me how much I love and adore her. I need to tell her more how much she means to me and my family. My whole family. My mum , my dad, my brothers and my children even my best friend.

I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Mandy, I could write pages and pages about what you’ve done for me, my family, my understanding of this bazaar life journey, but I don’t think I could ever find the right words to describe YOU.

Your everything a friend could want. You’ve saved me. You’ve brought me back from the darkest places and held me when I thought I was going down. I only hope I can do the exact same for you if things ever get rough.

Everyone needs one of you.

Your friend for eternity, Nic. xx

At times i think she needs to read this over and over. Untill it is set in stone, just how much she is loved.

From being teens sitting on the beach watching Powderfinger

To sitting on the river with my children and family , as my bridesmaid witnessing me marry my soul mate.

For everything you have done, weather you have realised it or not..

Thank you , I am blessed x

x N


  1. Oh gosh she is so babin' ! You're so lucky to have an amazing friend Nic!