Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mum, For you...

My best friend Lucy and i seem to spot the most random things. Its usually something that will be a once in a life time. This is something my mum always finds funny.

We could be driving out of hungry jacks to find a car, at the traffic lights.. Attempting to litter. Only to close there door on the bag they left on the ground next to them.

Or the husband of a shop-a-holic, snoozing outside Kmart.

Or today, a lovely chatty man, not only taking advantage of Kmarts DVD section. But also testing their camping chairs.

And my mother. Finding a pair of metre high platforms and meeting a new best friend.

Mum.. When im with you i know there is always going to be trouble.

Your crazy, But I love you.

(Even when you dragged Lucy and i along to Elvis)

x N

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