Saturday, May 7, 2011

Just my day!

I can honestly say im not one that gets fussed over. Birthday type celebrations are usually left untill last minute or i plan my own gatherings.

I was pretty stoked with the way today panned out.

Aside from walking around Currumbin sancuary with a horrible flu, as a suprise from hubby. Im quiet happy to be back in my comfy pants with a nice vist from my parents and nan.

This morning started with a treasure hunt. Hubby left a note beside my pillow and when i woke i followed the clues.

Picking up my treasure along the way.

Im a big fan of baskets. I have so many i dont know what to do with them. But whats another one hey! Especially when its filled with delicious soaps and scrubs!

Ive wanted this book for so so long.

A public figure, opening speaking about her , like myself, hoarding issue. That takes courage!
I have come along way since my teen years of not being able to part with things. Everyday and another bag to lineline is another step closer to living a clutter free life.

And some self picked perfum by the main man..

We werent going to do a great deal today, Mr 26 cooked bacon and egg McFinneys for the family, but as Currumbin wildlife sancuary were offering free admission for a $5 donation towards the animal hospital, And mothers being free! We thought we would spend an hour there.

And honestly, an hour in to it i was walking death. So off we went back home.

With a lovley visit from my family to end the day brought comfort foods, chocolate and pressies.

Tonight is home made pizzas and early to bed.

I am so blessed.

I hope your mothers day was filled with love and memories.

x N


  1. Have a great day. You deserve it and Shane and your wonderful family love you lots. happy mothers day from one mummy to another. <3 Teena

  2. Aww what a fun day! I was watching the pics Shane was putting up last night and I was sooo jealous since my hubby was bedridden! I don't even celebrate Mother's Day but it was just so sweet watching a man I know put so much effort into the woman he loves.

    You two are just perfect :3