Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Little Faith..

So i realise im not looking at being next in line for a promotion in Santas workshop or a job offer from Matel, but im pretty damn proud of myself right now!

It all started with a conversation between Hubby and I a few weeks back.

For those of you who dont know.. Hubby is the lead singer of a brisbane band The Secret Silence . I asked him if there were any songs he just loved to belt out in the shower or while driving that he just couldnt bring him self to sing in front of a crowd. A song that he wished he could just hit that note or push himself to perfect.. But just couldnt. Hes reply 'Nope. I can sing anything' .... *Sigh*

My reason for asking.

I have been sewing for only 2 years. Id never owned a sewing machine before then. I passed Home economics with flying colours.. Because the teacher knew my nan. Never mind the fact i sew the legs of my home made boxers to the waist.. And snapped 4 needles on my machine.

Its not what you know.. Its who you know.

My mum has always been amazing with a needle and thread. She hand sews everything. And i mean ev-ery-thing! She hand sew a whole couch cover for a 2 peice out door setting. Out of a queen doona cover and patch up a whole in the couch with my brothers old shorts and a needle and thread.

I self taught myself to use a machine and make clothes. I could make clothes every single waking moment of my day. But thats about as far as 'i thought' i could go.

I ventured on to little hoppers for this past easter. Over 80 Hoppers were sold in a matter of weeks. And still reqested now.

Which brings me to my 'Song' The song i love to sing, the song i could sit there for hours perfecting and designing. The finer details and bigger picture. That song i could sing behind closed doors.. But never sing in public.

That song was "Dolls" .. I just couldnt make a doll that looked.. well.. like a doll.

The legs were differant sizes, the arms were different lengths (Like some of the dolls ive seen on So i have a ton of half finished bubska and whimsy dolls just sitting there.

A few days ago i thought about when i asked hubby what song he couldn't sing. Then i realised. He would practice and practice until he sang that song perfect. So thats what i did.

I got out my roll of baking paper. I drew up my design and kept in mind that i wanted it to be me. Im loving bunnies at the moment so it wasn't had to decided on that.

I turned the computers off, left my phone in my room and created my own special someone. I needed that something that was more then sewing and stuffing. I wanted something that i could put finishing touches on and perfect.

And with that i introduce Faith.

Faith is what i gave my self. When i thought i just couldn't do it.. I did.

She took me 3 days (Probably working a good 2 hours straight each day on her) to make. But i loved it! Making her was so therapeutic!

Making more Bunnies will be my mission for the creeping-up-way-to-fast Upper Market!

So to the ladies who make dolls.. I STILL dont know how you pump so many out.. Your houses must be in chaos!

I took my time with this lady. She helped me unwind and kick back.
I noted all my steps and faults. And now im more motivated then ever to make a few more.. Given i have some interest on Little Miss Faith.

x N


  1. Nic, I am so glad that Faith has turned out so well, she is just so beautiful and this is an amazing thing you are doing. I can only imagine the love that you have put into her. Keep up the good work and remember that you do this with love and all are unique and no one can take that from you. I wonder what the nexy song is that you would love to do. Love Teena

  2. She's beautiful Nic! Great job! All you needed was a little faith :)

  3. She's perfect Nic - great job hun xx

  4. gorgeous! You can tell that a lot of love went into that one bunny xx

  5. I'm yet to try a softie, I'm kind of too scared to try! I love how your bunny is enjoying the sunshine : )