Sunday, May 8, 2011


" Ahhhh.. no no..
Im good.. Im good...
Dont sneeze..Dont sneeze..."

Were my thoughts whist walking the ailses of coles earlier. This is the 2nd time in the past 5 weeks ive been hit with this killer flu. Twice in 5 weeks might not seem so bad.. But considering the 1st one lasted 4 weeks then left stamping me with its 'smoker-like-cough' , it kind of sucks to be dealing with it again.

So now Hubby, baby and myself are all on antibiotics and every other multivitamin. My 2nd time round.

Ive seen quiet a few facebook pages owners suffering this flu too. Which got me wondering.
Do you feel like you work yourself to the ground? That you dont give your self time to recuperate?

I think the people of facebook-land forget sometimes that most of us are a one-mum-show.

We are not like Cotton on for kids or Pumpkin patch. We dont have staff.. we are staff.

We are the owner, the manager, the 2IC, the employee (who never gets employee of the month *sigh*) We are in control of stock and orders. We handle layby and refunds. We do posting and banking and occasionally pick up coffee. We are also mums and dads. We get the kids out of bed. We cook breakfast for a small tribe. We clean and prepair lunch and dinner. We are child minders, (some days of not only our children) when we are not sewing or networking.
On top of that we are ensuring our kids are happy, fed and napping. While they nap we work.

No wonder so many of us have 'Mummy-flu' !

When i decided to jump back in to the world of WAHM's i made a promise to myself and my kids. 'Facebookers - you get what i give' .. In the nicest way possible.

I refussed custom orders, i turned my head at demands, and i didnt stand for abuse. And so far, its working for me.

My reason behind 'mummy-flu' is self inflicted. I started to many little projects, taking up to many late nights.

So this mum is going back to basics. 8pm bed times, set projects and organisation.

I brought myself an expandable folder for all my unfinished projects and have lined them all up. When im better, they will get finished. Starting from front to back.

For my finished projects ive got baskets that all stacked along my shelf.
One side with uploaded { In Stock} goods. And the other side for goodies yet to be uploaded.

So.. While im taking time out, Everything is ready for my return.

WAHP's .. Please, Sit down. Have a cup of tea. Watch The Veiw. Save your self from being all snotted up like us!

Give your self 30 minutes of 'nothing' time. Every single day.

x N

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  1. Oooh, am LOVING that folder!! Stay healthy Miss Nic xox