Friday, May 20, 2011

Networking- Shopping - Spamming

3 totally different reasons for swinging by fan pages.

Ive been reading over Build a Little Biz's recent blog on facebook spamming.

Im not sure if i am a spam-sh person / Business owner / online shopper..
But i personally dont see a problem with how i connect with others.
If you think otherwise, please speak up. I wont be offended.

Facebook WAHPs- It starts with networking. You have to have a good network to promote your product? Correct?

And, Im sorry, but i not going to pay for someone to promote my business when i can spare 10 minutes a day to do it myself.

Tagging is promoting. I love tagging! I love having fun with tagging and showing my love for fellow WAHPs.

If i am tagged i will always send my thanks- Generally through a return shout and or dropping by to comment.

I then proceed to like all the other pages tagged as well.
I dont just crap on there page and leave.
I always state how i found them (Though a mutual tag) Who i am, where im from , if there is something that im interested in (99% of the time there is because im a face-stalk-shop-aholic) i will ask about it or let them know i have emailed.

My email account is not always open as Hubby and i share Gmail and outlook. So if i see ive been email, i will always go check.

And i invite them to drop there name on my page so i can then add them to my list of shouts.

My fans are always looking for new faves, and shout outs are the best and sometimes only way of finding the little pages lurking in the back ground.

I often see they are locals. And if you know me, you know i love my locals.
I always let them know about my fave market The Upper Market , Hoping one day ill see there face around.

My shouts usually go along these lines

' Hi there! Nic here from Buttons Dior. Just found you through ___'s tag this morning and thought i would swing by. (I would here let them know if i was interested in something) Feel free to drop by and leave some love on our page, my customers are always looking for new faves. x " 99.9% of the time it doesn't end there, we will use that as a base to get chatting, realise we know similar businesses and or the same people.

(But i never ever just cut and paste! Thats just lazy )

I think personally.. Thats acceptable networking??

Am i wrong?


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  1. I think you've explained acceptable networking perfectly. You give, acknowledge, support and THEN share your own. I don't think you're promoting, but networking and that is how to build a community that is based on content instead of empty self-promotion. The same goes for Twitter, blogging, etc. The importance is in building based on mutual respect and giving rather than empty pushing (one of the reasons I like blog carnivals but not blog hops)