Sunday, June 26, 2011

When did you get so big!?

9.04am Monday the 27th of June 2005.

My midwifes told me i should go home.. Labor wasn't progressing as fast as they thought it initially was and they had a hallway full of women waiting for beds to birth in.
I was hogging a room.

I was alone, trusting myself and my body. I didn't want to go home.

My parents were 45 minutes away, my best friend was at work and Jetts dad was at home.. Was just me and the midwives.

I attempted to stall them. They came back in to my room at 9.35am to unhook me from the monitors and drips that were re-hydrating me.

At the time i lived in a cute little fibro house, it was winter, we had cracks in our floor boards and it was freezing. Our hot water was minimal and took a good 5 minutes to reach 'warm' , So when they left my room.. i jumped in the shower. Scorching hot water pounding on my back. And within minutes i felt an odd feeling.. like a sharp pain down below. I didnt think much of it and put my hospital gown on.. then BAM!

10.00am my first contraction.

I walked out to my room and knelt against my bed. At the time i thought i i had wet myself, but my waters broke.
I reached for my call button and called for the nurse.. She walked in and roused on me..

"We NEED these rooms! No time for showers!'

'I think ive wet myself' i sobbed..

She pulled back on my hospital supplied paper underware and quickly said ' get on the bed, your waters a full of meconium' .. Pure gibberish to me..

I grabbed my phone call called jetts dad.. he needed to get to the hospital ..Stat.
I called my parents and managed to groan down the phone.. They got the drift.
And as per usual my soul sister had already felt it was time and left work to come and check up on me in hospital.

10.10am i climbed in to bed and waited. Nurses and midwives piled in to my room with cribs and monitors mumbling to them selves 'Why didnt she call earlier?' .. 'Where are her support people?' .. 'Does she have a antinatal book?'

I was confident i was birthing alone.

I hear the nurse at the desk asking 'And what relation to her are you?' .. 'Im her MOTHER!' And seconds later in came mum..
a minute later .. Jetts dad..
and then Lucy.

My body knew it was good go to.. I pushed.

And lord oh mighty it hurt!!

10.20am I pushed again..

10.22am I have birth to a gorgeous squishy little 7lbs 12oz baby boy. I instantly loved him. I couldn't see imperfections.. meconium.. vernix.. blood.. I saw his eyes, i saw his button nose and counted all his fingers and toes.

I was in shock.. but in love.

6 years ago today. Where does 6 years go? And why does it still feel like only months ago.

I taught this boy, alone.. how to crawl and how to walk. I taught him words and manners. I showed him how to ride a bike and how to draw a dog. Me.. I taught him this.

Jett is a typical 6 year old. He tests his boundaries, he insists on having the last word, The final say. Hes demanding, He leaves his under ware behind the toilet and he would rather eat boogers.. then sausage.

But he is caring, and innocent.
He has the manners of an old soul. He loves anyone who will show him love. He is respectful, to those who respect him. He worries and is concerned, He doesn't everything possible to make sure others are happy. Sometimes it feels like a little old man is trapped inside a fresh body.

We are totally blessed.

Put the tantrums aside, the whinging and the back chat and hes is an amazing little boy. Affectionate and amazing.

For those who have not met Jett, i hope one day you meet someone like him.
For those who have met Jett, you will know exactly where i am coming from.

I wanted this boy with every single ounce of my energy and though weve had a long haul as a duo.. its been more then worth it.

To my 6 year old.

You keep me saine and insaine at the same time.
I would be a shell without you.

x Mum

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