Monday, November 29, 2010

Back to homemade..

For a while now ive been making master .7's food from scratch. Its not only a heck of a lot cheaper, but he seems to enjoy it alot more! And because hes such a beefcake, he goes through at least 2-3 small tins mixed with farax and milk per feed.

Hes still yet to crack a tooth, but seems to have no problem at all with chowing down on some chicken or a Vegemite sandwich.

A few nights ago i was a bit lazy with defrosting his food, so i cracked open a jar of beef and veg and mixed it with some farax and it was the worst idea ever. Poor Master .7 ended up with a 2 day belly ache and that's the only thing i could put it down to! So its back to homemade.

The main veggies and fruit we seem to use are Potato, sweet potato, zucchini, apples, pears and broccoli. And ive got to the stage where i can get away with mashing, instead of pureeing. Some times ive got to give the spuds a bit of an extra kick. But he seems to be find with small lumps.

Yesterday i thought to use the water with the apple juice that i just stued the apples in to cook the sweet potato. Worked a treat! Gave the spuds a bit of a sweet taste.

What other recipes do you have for kids? At approximately at the 8-9 month eating stage. Weve started adding some of what ever meats were eating in to his bowl like lamb, chicken or fish. He seems to be enjoying it.

Would love to hear your child's fave recipes!

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  1. I would do things for Ezra like--

    Pumpkin, pea and rice

    Chicken broccoli spinach apple

    Chicken pear potato and corn

    Cooked tomato, mince, rice, peas & carrots

    I didn't do too much with fruit because I wanted him to get used to the savory foods more so that the hint of sweet.