Thursday, November 25, 2010

The rain is soothing.

90% of the time its sunny here on the Gold Coast. So my kids are always outside playing in the garden. When it rains, i adore the time we sit together, play, build blocks and today.. Attacked playdoh.

Master 5.5 is a teacher. he is constantly reminding Miss .23 to use her manners, pick her toys up, color in the lines and not to mix the playdoh colors.
She is , well, a hand full.

Purposely cheeky, dropping her toys, writing on walls and mixing the playdoh.
We laugh, so we dont cry.
She brightens our life.
When 5,5 is at prep, shes lonely. Master .7 is pretty boring if i do say so myself. Spending his days wondering how hes mobile spins on its own. Laughing at the shadows from flying birds and pulling .22's hair while she lays with him trying to make him do at least one trick.

So, days like today..when the only sound in our house is the pouring rain on the patio it was perfect for playdoh.
Perfect for being brother and sister.

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