Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It must be a girl thing...

I asked my friends on facestalk weather i should be re-evaluating my parenting skills..
What else can i do but laugh? If i don't laugh.. ill cry.

Master 5 was a gem, Ask anyone. We never child proofed anything! My house was mine, and he lived in it. He respected it.

But, Today i have realised there is no such this as child proofing my house for Miss 2. She will find away to trash, grab, throw and destroy everything in sight.

Miss 2 is very very full on. There isn't a moment where she is just still and resting.

But, when things are quiet, you know to prepair your self.

This mornings mishap...

Minty fresh!

(Oh, I should probably note.. The above, is chocolate moose..

Setting in the fridge for desert..)

My Sunday best..

Not happy about the fact her brother called her a 'Tiny little lier'

She attempted to blame the above on her brother...

"Jett did it!!"

While Master 26 and i were chowing down on pork crackling.. little did we know she was Re-bathing.

Anti-wrinkle cream *Sigh*


Ive tried so so hard to child proof my home. To surround her with lush toys, exciting books and 24/7 attention.. but i sit down to eat my crackers and cheese and WOLA this is what i get.

I wish i could hire someone to 1. come and seriously child proof my home and 2. teach me how to keep it that way.

I guess the upside is, its sudocream and powder..not knives and sissors.
Have to look at the positive, Right?


  1. Sasha was and still is like that,although he is getting better.I thought it was a boy thing lol.Hope things get better for you hun ((hugs)).

  2. I'm glad someone else lives on the edge of the seat with me! My miss 2 is egzactly the same no matter what I provide she has to take it to the next level, give her a book she will shred the pages, give her a doll she will draw on it (still trying to find her pen stash) give her grapes and she will smoosh them all into tiny pieces on the couch or up the hallway so I get your sigh's...I feel another one coming on as it's silent all of a sudden fingers crossed for a change in the wind for us both hey : p

  3. Haha ours was completely the opposite. My boys always got into everything and my girl has never done anything like that!

  4. Mine is now 12...exactly same story. So this gave me a laugh. EXACT same problem here. My eldest - little to no child proofing. If I put something up high...it stayed there...SAFE. Miss now 12 came along and I learnt there was NO childproofing she couldn't beat. I remodelled a playpen so she couldn't get to my computer - she climbed over it by using the TV on a stand to help her. She was able to use the drawers as stairs to get higher...and if the chair wasn't high enough to reach the stuff I put up out of reach - then she added cushions and other "stuff" to make a better ladder. Sooo many stories - all very similar to her photos - and you know what - when my eldest was quiet I knew she was playing quietly and I was happy. When little Miss was quiet - I knew to panic and RUN - cos that meant something was being disected, eated, pulled out........etc etc. Lol. Today she still has to touch everything...she's a great problem solver and very much "if you're not gonna do it, I'll do it myself". I gave up on child proofing. NOTHING worked. When I caught her casually strolling across the 5ft high chicken run, I knew all was lost - I enrolled her in Gymnastics so she knew how to roll if she fell off. Lol.