Monday, November 29, 2010

Chicken with a hint of ...chicken.

I'm a big big big fan of flavouring everything i cook..

Spaghetti bolognese sauce includes BBQ sauce, Sweet ABC soy, garlic, salt, tomato paste, Worcestershire and oyster sauce..

Lamb shanks are cooked in tomato soup, crushed tomato's, BBQ sauce, garlic, mustard, red wine and soy.

My roast spuds are covered in curry powder, french onion soup and oil

A few nights ago the main man wanted chicken and salad. 2 chicken breasts were priced at $10.05 , a small over cooked, under size, shrivelled looking Woolworth's cooked BBQ chook was $9.90 and some old looking thighs were about $6.70 for 4

So with the brains of my best friend, we decided to buy our own chook, the biggest one we could find and DIY!

I paid $11.20 for a huge chicken to feed 6 + leftovers!

She said to trust her on a lemon idea.. which turned out to be a huge hit!

'Lucy Oliver' (as i like to call her now..aka-Jamie Oliver's new wifey) Sat a full lemon in boiling water (After spilling the water over her hand! OUCH!) then rolled it to soften it, then popped it straight up my chooks rear.

She said the boiling fastened the cooking time, so it didn't have to heat itself while inside the chicken, and the rolling helped release the juices.

I then covered the chicken in some oil, sprinkled a little curry powder then thickly coated it in chicken soup powder. I would usually just use curry powder or french onion soup packets, but i had non, so we went with chicken flavoured chicken! Makes sense right?

And Holy moly! IT WAS DELISH!!

The chicken had this soft juicey hint of lemon through it with this amazing hard crunchy skin.

I must admit... This will be a 'once a week' meal.

Try it!

Uncooked whole chicken- to feed 6 $11.20

The juices down the bottom would be perfect for gravy! Just tip in to a sauce pan over medium heat and add some chicken stock. I would have, but we had ours with salad.

I think ill call this dish... "Chicken-Chicken"

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