Tuesday, November 30, 2010

El Cheapo Christmas Craft.

Last year at the boxing day sales we scored a 9 x 24 pack of medium size Christmas baubles for .25c each! But even at the moment you can get a pack of 12 balls for $3.00 at big W. They also have them in white, silver and black.

But, keep an eye out this year for after Christmas bargains.

I decided to put them to good use and decorate them.

Use them for not only our own tree but as small gifts for people like Master 5's teachers, Our grandparents and friends.

We bought some super cheap craft glue that can be used on Fabric, leather, paper, plastics and glass and drys clear. It cost $2.95 from the El cheapo shop. And 6 small vials of glitter, the pack for $2. We chose to use the fine glitter.

And the rest is explained in photos!
Give it a go.

So much fun!!

Tah Dah!

This is only a small snip it of our hand made and cheap made celebration gifts. Store brought is not a huge hit in the house. Mid year i give the toy sale catalogues to family with all the toys the kids 'want' not 'need' and they inital next to the toy they want to pay for. I then layby them all and get them out a week before chrissie.
At least 3 days before Christmas we do not step for near any shops..

Next year WE are holding Christmas day at our new home.. i cant wait to see what cheap buys i can scored at the boxing day sales and op shops throughout the year!

x N

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