Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I AM A MINIMALIST! (So i tell myself)

Im actually the opposite.. Very much so. And i blame it on my NAN! Nan is a pom, and refuses to part with used tissues. Well, they may very well come in hand later that day..

So, My life mission, At 26 years old, living out of home for 9 years.. Is to break the habit i formed, say 24 years ago. Im not longer going to be a hoarder! (Yes, ive tryed this once before.. But this time i for real!)

My mum and i spent today cleaning out the house and garage sorting and throwing things out and putting sell able things away for our 'Driveway Sale' this weekend.

My trouble is i love a good bargain. Weather it be at a garage sale, Life line, 2nd hand shop or ebay.. Its on sale, Ill have it! Another habit i need to break. But hey, one thing at a time.

So, As motivation.. As SHAMEFULL as it is.. and the fact that this could possibly cause Shane to call off our wedding due to the embarrassment factor, i am going to post a photo of what WAS our garage.. Today, it no longer looks like this. Although its not photo worthy just yet as we have the garage sale stock in there.

Please, Harsh comment are only going to cause me to go to Kmart tonight to attend retail therapy. So be nice.. Motivate me!

x N

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