Friday, March 5, 2010

37 Days to go!

Sheesh! That’s not long! 37 Days until we meet the newest addition to our clan.

Master 4.5 has snow white blonde hair and big blue eyes, Miss .14 had curly sandy brown hair, huge brown eyes and dimples.. So I’m dying to see with this one will look like.

I refer to #3 as, well, #3 alot because Miss .14 was apparently a 'Boy' So this time round we’ve either not found out, or chose not to tell anyone. That’s something you will all know in just over a month.

The theme we went for was fairly neutral; I adore animals, so we’ve stuck to an animal theme. Lots of greens, browns, dark reds and whites. Which is good for Mr 25 and I as #3 will be bunking in with us. We have been able to keep the theme of our room, and just added to it with baby items.

I was lucky in a way that I had kept alot from Miss .14, not so much in the way of clothes, as she was a summer baby, and it will be alot cooler in April when I’m due this time round. So alot of her clothes I’ve given away. But we still have her larger items like change table, bath, steriliser, baby capsule and cot. A little something I said I wouldn’t buy, but could pass up at the price was a bassinette. Miss .14 was a big bubbas, and only lasted about 3 weeks in hers. (Which I sold for $20 at a garage sale I had, 15 minutes before I found out I was pregnant! How’s that for timing!) While at the Baby Markets a few weeks back, I came across a perfect white bassinette for $100, The owner said she wanted it gone, and took my offer of $30! Bargain hey!
And the little cow was a very special gift from a long time best friend, who was actually holding my hand when I gave birth to Mr 4.5
She lives in NZ now, but I know one day she will be home again.. And she knows were always here waiting for her.

I couldn’t pass up this adorable piggy while shopping for a good friends baby shower present. It’s HUGE! I bought her one for her new baby boy Hugh, and had to buy one for our baby too. Now to start filling it!

I’ve finally put my cot sheet set on lay-by and will hopefully have that in my hot little hands next week. It’s SO hard trying to find the perfect set, without spending a month’s worth of grocery money. If anyone knows of any good WAHM's that do sheet sets, give them a shout out here. I know alot of expecting parents who are still on the hunt for that perfect set.

37 days to go... Whos on the count down with me!?

x N

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