Friday, March 26, 2010

Its beginning to look alot like EASTER!

Easter this year is more hectic then any other for many reasons!

Both Master 4.5 and Miss .14 have Easter Parades on the same day, requiring the same things.. Hats and baskets.

So today we've set out to make our Easter baskets and in between make some yummy 'White-Choc mellow eggs' ..Just for fun..
And yes, they taste as good as they sound!

I didn't think as much effort would go in to making them, the recipe looked pretty straight forward, but once you make them the first time you will get to know what you and tweak and make a little easier.

I didn't photograph our little cooking expedition purely for the fact i had marsh mallow from head to toe, Master 4.5 is not camera savvy and you would die at the state of my kitchen right now!

So here is the recipe.. and ill even add some photos of our final product.

90g Butter
200g (1 1/4 cups) Nestle white melts
150g of pink and white marsh mallow (The 'good' brand)
4 cups of rice bubbles (We used the home brand kind, and only 3 cups)
3/4 cup of shredded coconut
Pink food colouring (Optional)

1. Melt butter and 100g of melts in a heat proof bowl over a pan of simmering water. Add marshmallows. (I zapped the mallows for 1 minute and mix after they melts and butter had melted)
2. Combine cereal and coconut in a LARGE bowl, add mellow mixture and mix well. (do NOT mix with your hands.. Its bloody hot!)
3. Once cooled slightly, using lightly oiled hands (Not wet) mould mixture in to egg shapes and place on to a baking tray or baking paper line tray and chill until firm.
4. Melt left over White melts over pan of simmering water and tint with pink food colouring (Optional) Place in to small plastic bag, snip end and drizzle chocolate over eggs.
Refrigerate untill set.

And here the final product!

Nom Nom Nom!


  1. Haha I LOVE reading your blog it is always good value look forward to more... I especially love the RAK blog I LOVE RAK's

  2. They look yummy! :) thanks for sharing the recipe

  3. Thanks!!

    I really have to get started on the RAK! Things have been so hectic ive let other things slide..

    Thanks for the comments!