Tuesday, March 9, 2010

No Gary No ....

Well I can imagine this entry is going to take me forever! Coming to you live from my iTouch and the comfort of my lounge. Tonight Mr 25 quit smoking. I will be honest, this isn't the 1st time, but close to it. The last time he attempted to quit he tryed champix. But the champix didnt seem to agree with him and the smokes won again.

We have very differant opinions on why we think that didn't work.. (I gave up the iTouch here and moved to the PC..)

I personally think there were way to many side effects, and all bundled on top of each other just didnt mix well with him.

Some of the side effects..

stomach or bowel problems
feeling bloated
dry mouth
stomach discomfort
sleep problems
difficulty sleeping
abnormal dreams
feeling tired, fatigue
increased appetite
changes in taste
abnormal co-ordination
difficulty in speaking
abnormal or fast heartbeat
problems with your vision or pain in your eyes
blood in vomit
red blood in stools
abdominal pain
skin problems such as rash,
itching or reddening of the skin
abnormal thinking
sudden severe itchy swellings on the skin
severe painful red blisters on the skin with chills, fever, aching muscles and generally feeling unwell
breathing problems
difficulty breathing
shortness of breath
Chest Pains
swelling of the face, lips, mouth, tongue, throat, hands or feet.
Some people have reported swelling of parts of their face and
body after taking CHAMPIX.

But he seems to think it was partly the side effects and that i wasnt supporting him enough. Ill be honest here, I found it very very hared to support someone when they were constantly on edge, angry touchy, sleep deprived from having nightmares 6 nights out of 7, ill and suffering from about 70% of the side effects above.

And also dealing with a new family. A 4 year old , A 6 month old and then falling pregnant again. I was having my own issues. So maby we can put it all down to timing? But is there ever going to be the 'right' time to quit smoking?

When he told me yesterday that he wanted to quit, i freaked. The next 4 week are going to be extreame chaos, and were having a 3rd child. Are we going to survive another meltdown? It just scares me, Thats all.

I am 150% supportive of what he is doing. I know he's doing it for all the right reasons.

Last night he started Nicabate Minis. The mini mint lozenges.

Ive never been a smoker or a drinker.. So i dont know what its like to have to give up an addiction. Ive been severly over weight, and had to change 'habits' but ive never had to give anything away compleatly. So i think the only thing i can do is be supportive and talk to him about it.. And run if shit hits the fan!

Wish him luck and ill keep you posted on how hes going!

x N

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