Tuesday, March 16, 2010

For the love of food..

Lately Ive had this uncontrollable love for food!
Any food! As long as it looks nice. Nice as in pretty.. Desigined.. As long as it looks tasty!

I wont lie, Ive always loved 'food' but recently its been like a passion.

I love taking photos of my family eating, photos of my creations, photos of us eating out.. Its become an obsession!

Not that Mr 25 is minding because he gets to eat the final creation. And for last nights dinner i pretty much received a stand ovation! Now I'm no chef!.. Far from it. And its not even the taste that drives me wild. Its just looking at it.
Maby I've just gone weird in the last few weeks of pregnancy.
Either way, the family is lapping it up. Enjoying the creations and tasting new foods.

At the moment our household faves are Grilled fish and salad or Chicken parmigiana. SO simple, yet delish! AND the bonus is the WHOLE family like both dishes. Master 4.5 thinks the chicken parmigiana is just a giant nugget and as long as i say bought the fish from the 'Fish and Chip' shop, he will demolish the whole thing.
Wish our fish i usually season it with lemon and pepper fish seasoning from Coles or Woolworths and fry it. Or if I'm eating after the family and need mine cooked longer i oven cook it. I lay it on 2 pieces of lemon with 2 pieces on top, garlic salt sprinkled over, wrap it in alfoil and pop in the oven for about half an hour-ish on 150*. Perfection!

With the chicken i either crumb my halved chicken breasts and add the toppings, or if I'm having a lazy one, ill buy the pre-crumbed breast from the deli and then add the tomato paste, shaved ham and cheese. We usually have it with fried rice or something simple like curly fries. These SO much to the parmigiana, we don't really like to pile the plate with veggies as well. We save the veggies for red meat dishes.

So I'm after YOUR house hold favourite.. What is a huge hit with your whole family?

Comment me, Let me know... I'm going to try it with our tribe!

x N


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  1. Our favorite atm is probably my meatloaf with mashed potatoes. Some corn and peas on the side!