Tuesday, March 2, 2010


How much time do you honestly spend on it? How many times do you hit F5 or Refresh in a 5 minute space?

I can honestly say i spend way to much and i do that all to often. I pretty much have it sitting logged in all day and check it as im walking past, And if im not in front of the computer, ive got the iTouch going.

But as of right now, thats stopping.

Im going to make a concious effort to spend less time here, and more time with my kids. Who mind you are sitting on the lounge together, motherless, watching TV.

Blogging can be left untill after bed time, and facebook can come after that.

Really, Is seeing what everyone else is doing, where people are moving to and who trying to get fans by giving things away more important then reading a book with Master 4.5 or cuddling with Miss .14 ?

I think not.

Farewell Facebook!

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