Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The fruit basket head astronaut...

Firstly, I’m not one to take pain medication; I’d rather sleep it off or have a long shower. For the past week I’ve been in terrible pain, right down the sides of my stomach and in my lower back, I’ve got 5 weeks to go, and knew it wasn’t contractions or the start of labour, but they are so painful they take my breath away and most mornings I crawl from my bed to the toilet. This morning id had enough.

I phoned the doctor at the hospital a week ago to ask about pain meds, and straight away they wanted me to 'Duck in for a check up' ... Not so easy to 'Duck in' with a 4 year old and a 14 month old. So again, I tucked myself up in bed to sleep it off.

Last night I phoned them again, this time they said they had just delivered 2 sets of twins and would phone me back in 15 minutes.. But no call back. After a horrid night sleep I phoned again this morning. All I wanted to know was what I could do! Yoga? Swimming? Moving baby? Anything! They said to come in, so away we went.

Mr 25 and I dropped the kids at school and headed down. They were so lovely and understanding and I think they could see I wasn’t just being a paranoid first time mum. I knew my body, I knew what I was talking about and being my 3rd baby, I knew it wasn’t right.

They monitored me and took #3's measurements; surprisingly they said it was a small baby! Miss .14 was over 10Lbs born and at my last scan I was measuring 9 days ahead. I have to admit, I’m a little relieved now! But considering they said .14 was only 7Lbs while I was delivering, I’m not taking their word for it.

Baby’s heart rate was great and moved around alot, but as she was pushing down my sides I was whining like a puppy. They took my bloods and have tested my liver.
I’ve also been booked in for an Ultrasound on Thursday to have a look for gallstones and to check out my ligaments and ribs. And then I meet with the Doctor in antenatal Friday to get my results.

So you’re wondering why I’m talking about Astronauts? As I was leaving they gave me 2 panadine fortes.. Well, did they hit me like a ton of bricks. I was making a conscious effort to lift my feet as I walked and felt like I had a rather large basket of fruit attached to my head! I was all over the place. And all I kept saying to Mr 25 was ' I feel like an astronaut!'.. So it was off home to rest and try sleep the drugged out feeling off. After a good couple of hours, I woke up feeling slightly hung over, but not so out of it. I don’t think I’ll be touching the panadines for a while!

Eventful day hey!

But in the end I did manage to whip together a yummy dinner for the kidlets in a 30 minute time frame from when Mr 25 went to get them from after school and day care.. So I’m off to attempt a little of that.

If anyone has experienced the 'broken rib' feeling, I’d love to hear what you found it was!

x N

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