Friday, March 5, 2010

My 'Outing' .

For those of you who know me well, I don’t leave the house with the 2 kids, unless we won’t be leaving the car! I don’t know how or when I became so scared of it.. And I most defiantly don’t know what I’m going to do when #3 arrives! And I have no idea how people with more than 3 survive a shopping trip with their sanity!

I just find I get so over whelmed with trying to make sure I’ve got my eye on 4.5 and .14 is a horror to take anywhere that’s not the beach! So I made the decision to simply not leave the house alone. It’s never been an issue, I made sure I’ve got everything done I need to on the Thursday and Friday while both at school and Day care, so by the time the weekend comes, there’s nothing at all we need.
But this morning, after looking through the Kmart catalogue online I had a huge 'Need' and 'want' for this 6 piece canister set. I made the call to Kmart to ask, 1- if they had any in stock and 2- where exactly they were located, so I could be in and out!

Nervously I packed both kids and a 35+ week belly in to the car and set ground rules.

1. Your BOTH going IN the trolley, no walking, no pushing it, no grabbing things. You are confined to the trolley and if you don’t keep your hands and feet to yourself ill gaffer tape them.. (Not really..)

2. I am shopping for ME. Not toys, clothes or food. One thing and were OUT.

3. If you’re well behaved ill make you a super yummy buffet of food for lunch. If not, you get a honey sandwich.

We arrive and Master 4.5 immediately says 'can I push the trolley?’... I give the 'Are you kidding me!' glare, and he's reply is 'Oh, that’s right'
I’ve got that look down pat!

I spot the 6 piece canister set a mile away and start to jog with the trolley towards it, one black one left! Mind you, the attendant on the phone said they had plenty.. As JUST as I go to reach for it a mid 30's woman opens the box.


I stand there and fumble around with the other boxes.. Seat the kids again, fix my dress and she puts the box back down and grabs it in red! So without a second thought I snatch it up, hurl it in to the trolley and head for the registers. I’d done it! I’d made it to the shops, got my 'need / want' and I was out of there!

So after a long long morning of spring cleaning my kitchen, throwing out 3 garbage bags of pantry and fridge food, I’m now the proud owner of the 6 piece canister set in black...



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