Friday, March 26, 2010

Stay put a little longer baby!

I got a call Thursday from the clinic saying my Iron levels were dangerously low.. They had been low my whole pregnancy around 150-120 but they had now dropped to 92 and were concerned if id lost alot of blood in labour it wouldn't be good.. I have Farly fast labours and they may not have time to hook a transfusion up in time. So yesterday after having a chat with some friends and hearing about how great they are feeling i decided to get some advice from the midwives. I was positive i didn't want to go in to hospital and make a fuss.. I just wanted to know how to feel part normal again.

For the past 3-4 days Ive been so so sick, I'm always dizzy, i make dinner and lunches sitting down on the computer chair in the kitchen and just sleep the days away. Only to feel like utter crapola that night. I just couldn't win!

Ive tryed Multi-vitamins, pregnancy and breast feeding formula, Iron supplements like Fefol, Ferro-liquid and Fero-dix iron supplements all without any success. Ive been taking them with Vitamin C and my levels just keep dropping.

And I've noticed the past couple of weeks my breast haven't been leaking colostrum, at all. Something that i was so so proud of as i was positive i would have a decent milk supply this time round.

Last night they were going to consider doing an iron transfusion last night, so i headed in to get checked out.

First they thought bubs had turned breech, which scared the crap out of me! We couldn't find a heart beat and she felt no head in my pelvis, but i knew it was ok because it was kicking around. The midwife sighed and said 'Oh i hope the heart isn't up here' .. Under my left breast. And as she slowly put the monitor there, Wolah! There it was.. Gah!

So she called another middy in who also said it had turned and they requested an Ultrasound machine be brought up. 2 other midwives had a poke and a pull and finally found that the head was so far down they couldn't feel it, and bubs had simply flipped bub to the other side of my belly, moving the heart beat over. PHEW!

My Group Strep B results then came back as positive.. I'm not to cluey on this GSB.. so if anyone has been positive, id love to hear what your experience was like.

Next.. They spoke induction at 39 weeks so they could make sure i would get the GSP antibiotics in time and she wanted to see how soft my cervix was. I had known since Thursday they were going to consider it so i started natural ways of softening my cervix by taking Evening Primrose Capsules, as i had done with Miss .14.

The internal showed i was about 2cm dilated which wasn't uncommon as its my 3rd child, my cervix was softening, which meant if by 39 weeks they chose to induce and start antibiotics for Group Strep B, they would only have to break my waters. So I'm going to keep at the EPO caps nightly.

Last night i had a little bit of bleeding, but it seems to be easing now. Considering how rough she was, i was certain the baby would be out by this morning!

My temp was a little high 37.3 , that they didn't have an explanation for.

And they pretty much sent me home to rest, drink loads of fluids and try another iron supplement. I'm going to have a ton of iron supplement samples in my medicine cupboard!

Heard some amazing labours while i was there.. Which brings me to the point of this entry..

"Dear Baby Pink or Blue,
As long as your happy to stay put, SO AM I.
I can still hear those screams of pain and the words "I CANT DO THIS!" ...
Followed by many voices repeating 'push push push push.. sloooowly.. Ok and again.. push push push push...Nearly there!!"

I think I'm a little traumatised! I don't think I'm ready for all that pain yet!

So lets get this iron issue under control.. Have another test done Wednesday and see how we go after they hey!

(Plus daddy is going to the football tonight, hes FAV team The Raiders are playing your brothers team The Titans.. And he would be peeved if he missed it!)

Cant wait to meet you, when they time is right.. but for now.. Stay put baby!

Love Mum"

x N

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  1. The GSB thing isn't a big deal as long as it's treated my dear. I had it and Kaleb is fine. But I was in the hospital within 45mins of my waters breaking and they set me up with an oxytocin and anti-biotic drip straight away. They will probably do the same with you. They want a bub with GSB Mum out ASAP so the oxytocin speeds the labour along. Once I started having contractions he was born 4 hours later. I only needed 2 doses of the anti-biotics. I hope you feel better soon and your iron levels are sorted. xxx