Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gastric banding, Anemia and Ferro-Liquid

As most of you know i have had a procedure done called Gastric Banding. I was banded in November 2006, and even tho i would never ever take back the procedure, My health hasnt been great since having it done.
I did stick to the dietitions guidelines while under the care of her, She guided me away from the junk foods and take aways, and in to the direction of home cooked meals. I was very very lazy before being banded. I was a single mum to Mr 4.5 and we lived off pizza, kfc, red rooster and subway. It was 'easy'. So after i had the procedure, those foods just were practical anymore. I simply couldnt eat them.
My dietition taught me how to make simple pastas, small portioned dinners and easy snacks. This all worked wonders while i had her swift kicking me in the butt every weigh in, but after i stopped seeing her, i became lazy. And have been ever since.

In the first year i lost approx 60ish Kg and that was without even thinking about it. And once its off, its fairly easy to keep off.

I went from this..

To this..

So, i cant really complain about it! My mum was 'banded' a couple of years before me and has also lost 70kg and kept it off.
Im not a fussy eater, but i very rarly eat red meats and good vegies. Our meals consist alot of chickens, fish, potatos (Bakes, mash, boiled ect.) pastas and soups.
So i knew my iron levels were not going to be good. A few weeks ago i has routine bloods done at my antinatal appoitment and the phoned the following saying my iron levels were shockingly low and i needed iron Asap. So i started taking iron tablets and vitimin C, but again.. im pretty lazy when it comes to tablets and would often forget. I was in hospital with pains last thursday and they decided to do my bloods again. I was expecting the low levels speal, and when they phoned that afternoon they were NOT happy. My levels were alot less then a few weeks ago and they demanded i start a liquid iron and they would test again this friday, then every week untill i have the baby. So im pretty convinced now there serious!
Ive started Ferro-Liquid. They said i could add it to juice or water. For the past couple of days ive been adding it to apple juice. Not such a good idea seen as tho it tastes like apple juice, the combine sweetness makes my head spin! I think ill try adding it to orange juice from now on.
Ive also started magnesium and vitimin C. The magnesium seems to be working wonders with the cramping in my legs at night. I was waking at least 5 -10 times a night with my legs compleatly seezed up and me in tears. Walking laps around the house trying to stretch them out! But out of the past week ive only had about 3 cramps. Dramaticlly less then it has been.

If any one has used Ferro-Liquid before and has any info on it id love to hear about it. Im new to all this 'healthy' stuff...

x N

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