Monday, March 29, 2010

Mum.. Whats the green stuff?

Another one of Mr 25's little cooking projects.

Chicken and Veggies (Lolly) meat balls!

And Oh.. my.. goodness.. NOM NOM!

AND i have not note- Mr 25 was blubbering like a little baby while chopping this onion!

The secret mixture... Shhhhhh...

The line up!

Mixture, flour, egg, bread crumbs...

Even ball hand rolled with L.O.V.E ... Hey Mr 25?

And the final product, Cooked in the oven on a chip tray. No oil.

We just had to do a taste test of before serving to the prince..


After making the home made chicken breast nuggets, Mr 25 was on a mission on to make another dish.

This time choc full on veggies.

We used Chicken mince, zucchini, carrot, onion and spinach. All chopped finely, rolled in to balls and crumbed.

The nuggets went down a treat, even Miss .14 demolished some! And 4.5 finished his dinner, her left overs and even scavenged for some more! We were hoping the chicken balls were going to be a hit too.

We quickly mentioned to 4.5 what he was having for dinner, but didn't fuss to much over it. Just simply said they was 'Chicken nugget balls' And left it at that.

We served them up with a side of BBQ sauce, dimmed the lights so he couldn't see the mix of coloured veggies and held our breath. I pottered around the kitchen trying to peer over to the dining room table and Mr 25 sat close by. He poked and prodded for a bit, then finally took a bite.

"Mummmmm...Whats the green stuff?" He asked.. Trying to beat Mr 25 to it, and him doing the same with both said "Crushed lollies, But don't tell any one!"


And away he chomped.

So we may have said a teeny weeny little fib, But did dinner get finished?

Yep. *Two thumbs up*

x N

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