Friday, March 19, 2010

Dont you hate it when..

You spot something while your shopping and are positive you should buy it.. But you slowly put it back down.. spend the next half an hour Umming and Arring about whether to get it, Then you leave the store knowing well and good you should have bought it?

I did that yesterday.

Now this is a 'special buy' and by far a 'must have' but more of a .. Love. A $4.99 bunch of twisted, mattered, straw Love.

Its very plain and simple, but would have MANY uses.. So I'm going back to buy it. It will be used in a thousand and one photos.. i should probably even buy 2! But the sentimental-ness of it wouldn't be much good as to me, there will only be one of a kind.

Can you guess what it is? I bet you cant! And i guarantee you will roll yours eyes when you see my new 'want'.

So ill leave you guessing.. Let me know what your thoughts are.. and ill be back tomorrow with my new buy!

x N

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