Monday, March 15, 2010

Organised Chaos.. Or just Chaos?

To say Ive been 'nesting' probably doesn't even come close to how Ive been feeling or acting! Every single day i move something around, clean out a certain place or write a list of things to change!

Yesterday was a 'lazy' day.. Every Monday its just Mr 25 and I.. So we pretty much veg.

he wasnt feeling to great so i dropped both kids off to school and Day care and spent all morning doing some retail therapy, picking up baby's laybys, locks for the kitchen cupboards, buying a new phone (LOVE) and catching up with a good friend and her kiddies.. When i returned home the house looked, well, average.

Washing in the machine, washing to be folded, Food on the bench from breakfast, non vacuumed floors.. Very average.

Mr 25 informs me the new managers of our complex are popping in to have a look at the hot water system, so i do a quick 'tidy' then we head off to get Master 4.5 from school. As we drive in the drive way the new manager is walking in... The way he looked at my house was with so much disgust i wanted to curl up in a ball and cry!

Honest, my house was NOT that messy.. It was just out of place. He then stated the owners were coming for an inspection next week, as a hint that we had 'better get the place in order'.. I let out a few 'Woh!'s and 'Sheesh's at the garage (My office and our storage) that made me cringe!

Friends who follow my blog and have been to my house can vouch for me.. My house isn't a pig sty! It is liveable! We dont live in filth and dirt!!

Its definalty 'lived in'.. but every thing has it's place. With a 4 year old and a 15 month old , Mr 25 working full time + Extras and an expectant tired mum.. its not going to immaculate!

I have NO problem with the owners coming out to see the place. The last time they were out or we even had an inspection was well over a year ago and his non English speaking mum asked him to tell us how much she loved what we had done with the house (That she used to also live in). Not once.. but twice she told him to tell us. AND our house was more out of place then it was yesterday. So i have no worries.

But it was just the way the manager made me feel yesterday. So today Ive been cleaning and tidying and rearranging, knowing well and good as soon as miss .14 wakes up, the place is going to be a shit fight again!

I suppose its just not a good idea to hint to a 37.5 week expecting mum that her 'Nest' isn't up to scratch..

Or is it?

Back to cleaning, sorting and moving!

x N

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