Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I make milk.. Whats your super power?

We have leakage! Hoorah!

As i layed on the lounge a minute ago i looked down and low and behold, I have a wet patch..

Not enough for me to run in to the nursery and crack open the breastpads, But enough for me to smile.

Master 4.5 , the 7Lb-er was a hungry hungry baby.. From the get go he wanted boobie! But mummy's body just didnt want to produce it. Day 3 he ended up dehidrated and jaundace. While under the lights in Special Care the nurses advised we try him on formula. I didnt hesitate.. I was just on 21, had no idea about breastfeeding and went with the flow. Day 4 he ended up with dioreah, Day 6 with a rash and Day 8 we were told he was lactose intolerant. And was bluntly told by the lactation consultant that i should have continued to breastfeed and refused the formula.
I was beside myself! I thought i was doing what was best! I had NO idea it would end up like this. We were released from hospital on day 9 with a tin of Goats Milk and wished good luck. I felt awful.

Mater 4.5's body never took to cows milk untill he was nearly 3.

When i fell pregnant with miss .14 i reserched my heart out. When i was pregnant the first time round i had no internet access and wouldnt have even known where to look for advice.
I joined parenting forums, searched the Australian Breast feeding Association (ABA) for hours on end and sort advice from other mums and midwives. And by the time i gave birth to Miss .14 i was confident i could sucsessfully breast feed.

She had other thoughts.

She wasnt really interested in the breast from the start, She never had the inital big feed after birth, which suprised me as she was over 10Lbs born and i thought she would be pretty hungry! She was fantastic at latching on, i had no pain at all, but she just wasnt interested. Her weight gain wasnt good and in the first few weeks of life she lost a great deal of weight.

When she was 3 weeks old i knew something wasnt right. My mum stayed a night to see if there was anything she could do, but by 3am mum had agreed, Miss .14 wasnt ok.

The next day i took her back down to the hospital. She screamed the whole way there, all the way up to the front door and as soon as i reached Emergancy she fell asleep!

Triage assessed us and as i saw them type 'Sleeping and seems well, 4/10 priority' I bawled my eyes out. So much that they took her off me and let me sit there and sob. What i didnt know is that they had taken her, weighed her and called a pead down straight away. In 3 weeks she had lost just over 1Kg.
They admitted us in to childrens ward where we lived for over 2 weeks.

Miss .14 was dignosed with a build up of acid in her stomach, severe refulx, food refusal and possible UTI. They did many ultrasounds to look for piloric stinosis and stomach problems. I thought we would live there forever!

We were allowed home after 2 weeks of 50g gains only to be back a week later when she lost 100g.

At 6 weeks old Miss .14 was introduced to Elecare Formula. We have to buy this from the chemist and need a prescription for it. We tryed at 12 months old to get her to take cows milk, but again she reacted. So for now, we are sticking with the Elecare.

Since i started seeing the midwives at the hospital ive been also working closely with a fantastic lactation consultant who will be right beside me after i have #3 to help me with attchment and feeding. I had mixed feelings about breastfeeding with i first fell pregnant, with all the issues i had faced i wasnt sure id be able to handle it with another 2 children to look after. But now im more determened then ever. I will breastfeed.

I come across the occational blog, or facebook group that make me so much stronger and positive about feeding my child milk ive created and thought id share some with you..

This group, i would LOVE the slogan on a shirt, and have even thought of making it myself ..


And this blog post..




Enjoy the read! Im off to admire my leakage.

x N

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