Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Children should NOT get sick..

I followed a blog / update for a while on a little girl called Layla Grace.
On the 3rd of March layla lost her battle to stage 4 Neuroblastoma.

Ive never met this family, nor have i even spoken to them or anyone who knows them, but as i sat next to my own little Miss yesterday with 39.1 temps, stroking her hair, tickling her back and twirling her hair while she laid lifeless on the loungeroom floor tiles, i realised how unfair it is for children to get sick. But, how blessed i was to have my children.

My kids very very rarley get sick. When Miss .14 started daycare she had a constant runny nose. And to me, the world was ending! I could never even imagine what Laylas parents went through, and are still going through now. It tears me apart.

So all i ask is that you make a concious effort to hold your babies, wether they are 4 weeks old or 8 years old. I still lay on the materess Mr 25 will pull out in to the loungeroom for Master 4.5 and I and lay there tickling his back. Just touching his soft skin and baby hair.

You still have your children. You dont know what life will hold, you dont know when life will end. So while you have them within arms reach hold them. Its those moments you will never forget.

x N

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