Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The secret life of Gastric Banding..

In the very beginning, only a select few people knew. Basically my family, 2 or 3 close friends and a few friends id met online through Gastric banding forums.

November 2006 when I was banded, there wasn’t really enough info out there on what 'Lap Banding' was, So alot of people were very weary of an 'operation to make you thin'.

My mum was banded a couple of years before me, and I watched her drop from 120+kg to 60kg with the help of this weight loss tool. I had never considered it as I was a single mum with no income and at 130kg; I didn’t think I was 'that fat'.. Looking at photos now, I was shockingly unhealthy.

For those who want to have a read, and follow my story.. (Up until I got slack and stopped blogging it!) You can find it at .. http://www.gunnabeaskinnymini.piczo.com/

Any questions.. Just ask.

x N

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  1. I'm debating about whether to get banded, but I am worried about my kids (2 yrs n 7 months) seeing me eat such a small amount of food, do your kids take much interest or ever ask to eat less like you?